Saturday, January 31, 2009

Look What He Did!!

We haven't seen Dippy on here much lately. Guess what he did this week. I'll give you a visual hint. Here he is before he did what he did.

And after!

He just got his hair to a style I really liked and he chopped it all off! Of course his dad is happy now cause he doesn't like the 'bushy' look. But his hair had just started to curl, too!

Friday, January 30, 2009


At least, I think it's a snowman. The story I have come up with is: It's a snowman that Goofy and Dippy threw snowballs at until they destroyed it. You can see they knocked his eyes right off his head there at the bottom. His hat and scarf went flying off the top.
And, NO, I am not being mean! We told him how great it was. One Mom over there asked her son if he made a melted snowman. THAT was mean!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pack Gift

look what Rod built. The Web II den is giving the pack a gift when we leave in February. Rod built this flag stand. (Andy made the numbers.) We're passing it back to Andy to paint.

There's teh holes for the flags. Guess what they are. Remember this was Rod building it. Yep, they're fishing rod holders.
Looks pretty cool, huh? Hope Nadine doesn't read this blog cause I think this is supposed to be a surprise to the pack families!

Can He Not Drive?

Did you notice the smashed downspout? Yep. Rod backed into it with the box truck this weekend. Do you see how close he was to breaking out the boys' window? I swear that man can't drive. We also have a huge whole in our siding where he....backed into it with a truck!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Hour Delay?!

We have a 2 hour delay for school in the morning. Are they serious? We just got home and the roads are DRY! Plus, the temperature has actually risen! When Rod and I were out around lunchtime, it was 35. When the kids and I went to the movies around suppertime, it was 38. Now? It is 41! Why the delay? Do they not know that Nadine has our pizza kit truck coming at 11 tomorrow? And at 11 tomorrow now there will be busses where our truck wants to be? The truck was already cancelled on Tuesday night due to the snow and ice. This was the only delivery time she could get to still have the pizza kits before the Super Bowl. She is not going to be happy about this. BUT--one more morning for me to sleep in!!

Little Snothead!

I was watching TV last night in my room. I was holding the remote and the channel started changing. I hurried up and hit exit so I didn't lose the show I was watching. Then a second later it started changing again! I was pretty sure I hadn't touched any numbers, but what else could be happening? I laid the remote down, cause obviously I wasn't responsible enough to hold it! Then the numbers started changing AGAIN! I looked over at the doorway and there stood Goofy with the remote to the livingroom TV! As soon as I looked at him he started giggling! He knew exactly what he was doing, the little Snothead!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's This White Stuff?

We woke up to a white world this morning. I guess the PA and OH folks finally decided to share their snow!

We're not sure yet how Goofy feels about snow. But he LOVES the scarf! I have a feeling he will be wearing his scarf in the house the rest of the day.

The kids are already planning on having school off again tomorrow. (They had today off for a teacher work day.) Rod went out to work this morning--or tried to. He said that Fairfax County did nothing to their roads and he got tired of waiting on all the traffic, so he just came home and declared it a no work day. And, yes, like a good Virginian, I got milk and bread yesterday! I forgot the eggs though! Dang it. One of these days I will get it right.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What the Heck, Goofy?

Here's another one. Saturday, the kids and I were eating lunch and Dippy was talking about something. The whole time he was telling his story, Goofy was glaring at him. We have no idea why. Strange, strange child.

Monster Jam!

Dumbledork took Dippy and Dingy to the Monster Jam on Saturday night. I sent my camera with him and asked him to get pictures. Here's a sampling of what I got.

Did you see the kids? No? Really? ME EITHER!! He didn't take ONE picture with anyone in it! Not the kids riding the metro. Not the kids in Chinatown where they ate supper. Not the kids outside the Verizon Center. Not even the kids enjoying the show! Guess how many pictures he took. Did you guess? SIXTY-SEVEN!! Sixty-seven pictures of the trucks! I asked him where my kids were and he said, "Oh. I didn't know what you wanted pictures of." What a dork! And he wonders why it is always ME carrying the camera!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news: I fixed the scanner and can now scan in pictures!! AND--I know where they go once they have been scanned! (The old printer just told me that the scanned item goes to a special folder. It never said where this special folder is located or what it was called!) Just think of the pictures you'll get to see now! Lots of baby/toddler pics of Dingy and Dippy.

The bad news: I only have it working on my computer, not Rod's. And guess which computer has internet access. Yep. NOT MINE!! I believe hooking mine up to the internet sounds like a good Sunday project for him. I would bug him tomorrow, but he bought Monster Jam tickets for him and Dingy and Dippy. And since that was done for the kids I can't bother him tomorrow. But Sunday! I can bother him Sunday!

Hard Day at Work

Goofy's practicing to take over the business from Dumbledork. First, breakfast in front of the computer.

Then a music break. Dumbledork finally got one of the kids to sing with him.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Laura!

I have no digital pictures of you, and my scanner still isn't working. So, with no picture, happy birthday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Day For Scaring

Today was the day to be scared in our house. Or van. I had to take the membership files for our Cub Scout Pack to the new Membership Chair this evening. (Yay! I am officially DONE! I am merely a parent for the last month of Cub Scouts!) Dumbledork and Dippy went along because we were going to Circuit City after dropping the files off. Dippy stayed in the van while we went into the school and talked to some people. When we got back in the van he told us of his 'adventures' while we were gone.

He said that he laid down to sleep while we were in there. (He had a headache at dinnertime.) He laid the whole seat back and closed his eyes. Then he heard something moving. He looked down and saw a red/green thing roll across the floor and it made him think of the movie, The Uninvited. (No, I did not let him see a scary movie, he only saw the preview on tv.) He screamed. Turns out it was just a green and red cup that the kids got at Denny's last week. (They're really cool cups, not at all scary really.....unless they come rolling out at you in a dark van!) He didn't even get too mad at us when Dumbledork and I laughed our heads off at him screaming at his cup rolling out from under the seat! But really, I'm almost sorry I missed the screaming!

This part is for Aunt Una. Many of you probably know about the horrible childhood she had due to Dumbledork. He did many, many things just to scare her. He hid under her blankets on her bed so that when she jumped into bed he grabbed her. He hid in the clothes hamper and jumped out at her when she put her clothes in. Then he.....well, I think you see how her early years were spent! But today, I got him back! A little. It is really, really hard to get him, too. But I did it and I dedicate it to you, Aunt Una. He was taking a shower this morning and I snuck in the bathroom. I must have been real quiet today cause he usually knows when I go in. So I stood there very still and very quiet until he shut the water off. As soon as he grabbed the shower curtain to open it, I screamed. He JUMPED!! VERY visibly jumped!


So you know how I was all proud of myself for scaring Dumbledork today? Well, I guess karma decided to come bite me in the butt for it. OK, not the butt, the finger! Can you see that spot on my finger? Nice blood blister, huh? It HURTS!! A LOT!! I was carrying the membership file box out to the van and when I stopped to open the front door, the box slipped and fell and hurt my fingers. They throbbed the whole way over to the school. That's when I saw the blister on it. Dumbledork hit the box and Dippy kicked it, but that didn't stop the throbbing of the finger! (But it was a nice gesture. I guess.)


Did you watch all of the inauguration? We watched most of the morning, and saw the swearing in and all. We kept waiting for the parade to start. According to the guide on tv, it was to start at 2. Then it changed to 2:30. I don't think it really started til 3 or 3:30, though! (DC was running on Rodney time!) Dingy and I watched Juno with the news in the bottom corner so we would know as soon as the parade started. Her friend, Cassie's Dad was IN the parade. Pretty cool, huh? So anyway, this was my favorite part of the parade. Al Roker has met how many famous people? He IS famous himself, really, I am sure the majority of Americans are aware of who he is. Through the Today show, I would imagine he has met just about everyone, actors, authors, politicians.... But he was soooo excited when Obama walked by and acknowledged him! He was still getting high 5's from people around him when the clip ended!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Relay For Life!

We just started a team for the Relay For Life! Now we need some help. We are trying to raise $150 per family, or $1000 for the whole team. Dingy and Dippy are both going to be walkers, too. Dumbledork is our sponsor and our heavy lifting and hauling guy. He doesn't want to walk, but he's agreed to set up our tents and help break down camp, and to watch Goofy. Although I have a feeling that Goofy is going to be walking with us some!

If you want to make a donation to our relay team, please click the link and it will you take your through. The relay is scheduled for May16 and 17, so there is still some time.

If you're in the area and want to join our team, please sign up! We're the Vy-Nal Works Victory Walkers!

Click here to visit my personal page.If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:
Click here to view the team page for Vy-Nal Works Victory WalkersIf the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dingy's a Thief!

Dingy stole my background! I had a really nice background that went nicely with my Power Puff Girl stuff. I sort of put it there cause I knew Dingy would like it and the posts were about her. She STOLE it! She had one a month or so ago that I really liked and I didn't use it cause she already had it. Then she stole MINE! She's mean. Just wait, Dingy. Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Dingy Thought

The whole Power Puff Girl thing made me think about something else. What was Dingy's favorite toy when she was little? A Cassie doll. From Dragon Tales. She had that thing from age 4?'s probably still in her room. She slept with it every night! She had it with her the night our keys got locked in the car on our way up for Thanksgiving. (No, I will not say I locked the keys in the car.....the kids got out the wrong door.) Anyway, while we were waiting for the lock guy to come, Dingy was sitting there being all sad and said something to the effect that she would miss her Cassie. I guess in her little mind (She was either 4 or 5) if you lock your keys in your car, you abandon it and move on!

But here's the weird thought I had. Who's her best friend now? Yep. Cassie! Although this Cassie is a real person and not a cartoon dragon. (Unless she's really good at disguises.) AND--on Dragon Tales, Cassie is the oldest of how many kids? I really can't remember as I haven't really watched Dragon Tales in years, I just remember there being a bunch of kids and Cassie always had to babysit them. Dingy's real friend Cassie--3rd of 10 kids.

The dragon Cassie is 4 years old. Why is a 4 year old going to school and babysitting? I'm sure the 'real' Cassie wasn't babysitting at 4!

I just realized, I really have no point and no way to wrap this all up! Sorry. I've only had Dumbledork around to talk to this weekend. I think Dingy and Dippy must count more towards 'adult conversation' than he does!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

That's Just Mean!

Really? Isn't that a little mean? Who gets to decide which ones are the ugly ones?

We went to Bloom today to get some snacks. Dumbledork NEEDED sandwich makings so we stopped by the tomato section. I'm not sure if he got the ugly ones or not. It took him 30 flippin' minutes to pick out 2 tomatoes! And that was sadly the best part of the trip!

On Tuesday, he asked me to pick him up some snacks. I had to go out to take Dippy to Cub Scouts anyway. So I went to the store and bought him a bunch of stuff along with some french vanilla ice cream. He was having apple pie so I thought that would be good on it, plus I really really wanted ice cream. It was the WORST ice cream I have ever tasted! So ever since Tuesday night, I have been bugging him about getting some good ice cream in the house.

So we're shopping today and I wanted chips. I like Utz brand sour cream and onion. They're out! If I was looking for salt and vinegar, I would have hit the motherlode! The Lay's brand are too thin and the Ruffles brand are too thick. Utz--PERFECT. I picked up the Ruffles brand and figured I could make do, it's at least the flavor I wanted. Then we go to get soda. Dumbledork has been drinking Pepsi Max lately and I drink Diet Coke. I picked up the last 12 pack of that for him. They are out of 12 packs of Diet Coke. The ONLY flavor they are out of! We left the aisle hoping I had enough left at home to get me through. He went to get his bread and the meat, I went to get my ice cream. In the ENTIRE section, there is NO chocolate marshmallow. There is an entire aisle of ice creams and no chocolate marshmallow. So I figured I would trick the store and buy chocolate ice cream and marshmallow topping. It would probably be better that way as there would be more marshmallow, right? WRONG! No marshmallow topping! I even went back to the aisle where they keep the hot chocolate stuff...nothing. I couldn't even find marshmallow fluff! (Although I really think I had to have just missed that, surely there was some fluff somewhere!) All that was in the ice cream fixings section was sugar free, 0 calorie marshmallow dip. I took a pass on that.

Dumbledork was supposed to go out to see a friend this afternoon, so I was going to have him stop on his way home at another store to fix me up. He didn't go anywhere! BUT--the chocolate ice cream I picked up was really good on it's own, so I survived! I really think the snack gods were working double duty against me today!

For Dingy!

LOOK! It's the 10th anniversary of the Powerpuff Girls! The complete series comes out on February 2nd! Dingy was so excited the other night when she saw the commercial. She came running in my room and was screaming, "COME HERE! COME HERE!!" (Yes, she had me scared for what I was going to find!) Good thing her birthday is the next one. Does anyone else remember her Powerpuff Girl phase? We had the Buttercup outfit. (We have a lovely pic of Dippy dressed up in that. We're saving that til his dates start coming over to the house!) I think she had a Powerpuff Girl birthday cake for at least 2 birthdays. In fact, I think there are still PPG characters hanging on her wall! She has the sheets, the curtains, all kinds of dolls. There is a PPG pillow that has migrated to Goofy's bed. How many animals did we name Buttercup? How many times did she introduce herself as Buttercup? Even her dog, Sara, is really Miss Sara Bellum. And for those of you who missed the whole PPG craze, Miss Sara Bellum is the Mayor's assistant. That's the mayor of Townsville. They live in Townsville. Each episode starts with the narrator saying "The City of Townsville!" (There was also one episode where they went to Citysville. Then it was the Town of Citysville.)
Wow. Just thinking about this brought back a BUNCH of memories of her. She's the only kid we have that will eat broccoli. I wonder......there was one episode of PPG where the evil alien things looked like broccoli. To 'destroy' them, they got all the kids to help them eat the aliens, because "The only way to get rid of broccoli, is to eat it." I wonder if that's why she eats her broccoli. She's saving US. (Very nice of you Dingy, cause we all know I won't be joining in that battle!)
So, I guess I need to start saving my pennies. This DVD set might be considered a NEED not a want!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Water Froze!

Our pipes are frozen. Again. This is the second time this winter that the pipes have frozen. I really have NO idea how this could have happened. Can ANYONE think of why MY pipes froze?

OH! Cause of that? Really? After the first time they froze, nothing was done and they froze again. And SOMEONE was actually surprised this morning! I told him yesterday that last night was going to be VERY, VERY cold. They were calling for around 9 degrees overnight. I asked him, Should we do anything so that the pipes don't freeze again? Nope, they'll be fine. Silly me, I thought that possibly he had done some work that I was unaware of. Guess not. I came in from the office this morning to him trying to thaw our water so he could shower. When I mentioned the conversation from last night, I got "I thought they would be fine." Really? WHY? It was ridiculously cold and nothing was done to protect them. Why would they be fine? It's been almost 16 years. When will he learn to listen to me?

It's 12:30 and there is still no water. I can't do laundry. If the kids are going to PA tonight, they might need some clean clothes to take with them!

Dingy the Weirdo

OK. It is officially cold! We are at around 12 now. Maybe we'll see 20 today. I know my 'northern friends' would see 20 as a mini heat wave. But here it is cold! And what does the wonderful Dingy do? CARRIES her jacket out to the bus stop! This is my child that is ALWAYS cold. She wears a sweatshirt everywhere from the very beginning of fall til the start of summer. She can't go swimming in 90 degree weather without her lips turning purple and shivering like crazy! But on the day that we are under a wind chill advisory, she carries her heavy jacket. This is also after I got up to plug my phone in to charge and she jumped in my seat and stole my blanket! So if we're cold in the house, don't you think you need to bundle up a little to go outside?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Presents

Like my Christmas socks? Yes, there is really nothing better to post about today! MelanieWelanie bought these for me. They are actually comfy. AND--this is one pair that I know for sure Dumbledork won't steal from me! I haven't had my own socks in YEARS! I used to have my own socks, then Dumbledork would wear them and stretch them all out and ruin them. So I stopped buying me socks and just wore his. Dippy's are really the perfect size for me now so I borrow from him, too, from time to time. Of course if Dumbledork DOES decide to borrow these, I will so be taking a picture and posting it!


I had a video to post, but my computer isn't liking my camera anymore so it won't show it. I also took some pictures of Goofy last night, but they came out too dark. So you'll have to enjoy a funny video by someone else. Dumbledork laughed really hard at it. Until I reminded him of the little salamander at the lake house a few years ago that ran over his toe and he screamed like a little girl!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the Heck Goofy?

And Goofy is back with another 'What the Heck?' moment. Last night, Dippy was doing Cub Scout homework. He is finishing up the last of the Webelos badges. He was working on the Artist badge and he needed to build a structure. Of course we built it out of Legos as there are a million kajillion of those in the house! The assignment was to build a structure, take a picture of it, and then print it for the scrapbook. So Dippy built it (I think Goofy may have helped a little bit) and I took a picture of it. Goofy got so excited at me taking a picture of the Legos structure, that he ran to the box and pulled out a piece and brought it over to me. I took a picture. He giggled and ran back to the box. He dropped the piece he had and brought me another one!

And another.
And another.

And...oops. Dingy walked by with some beef jerky.
And another.

And another.

And another.
And another.

And yet, another.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Now that we're done moping around about losing yesterday, I had pictures of some winners sent to me. These are the Pack overall winners. The Wolves and the Web II's were split into two groups because the dens are so large. It ended up that both first and second place went to Wolves. The third place is a Web II. And no, he is not an overly tall kid. Riley is really that little!

JP came in first with Riley right behind him. It came down to a VERY small difference in time.
This is Leia. Riley's little sis. She won second place in the sibling division.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"If You Ain't First, You're Last"

And guess where we were! I'll give you a clue: No trophies came home with us today. Dippy was 4th in his field. Of 5! We're not sure where Goofy was. There were 15 siblings registered. I think he was around 10-12th. And Dippy? Yep. Last. I really don't know where Goofy and Dingy ranked. I just know that Dippy's car was last in all of her races. I think Goofy took a couple of 4th's or 5th's. They race 6 cars at a time. Goofy's car is the black with gold stripe on the second row up. Dippy's is the pickup on the bottom row.

The highlight of the races might have been the adult race. The adult race is an unlimited race so there are no rules about wheels or weights. We had two adults change their entries to siblings instead of racing against Andy and Adam. (A father son team.) They each had a car that weighed over one pound.

They crashed at the end. One car jumped off the track after hitting the pillows at the end of the track. It caused several bullets to fly off the car.
So we're not going out winners. We were invited back next year to enter as friends. We were talking to the Cubmaster and said we wouldn't be able to race again for 5 years when Goofy is in first grade. (And also, the Cubmaster will still be there as he has one more boy that becomes a Tiger next year.) He said we could enter next year in the sibling's, but I told him we don't have anyone left there. But, he said that the siblings is really the siblings AND FRIENDS division. So maybe. Maybe we can keep practicing to be really good at this for when Goofy is older. And maybe, we just need to get a life!

Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Pull up a chair. Drop the kids off with their Aunt and take the phone off the hook. Because it's race day..."

That's right. It's RACE DAY!! The Pinewood Derby is today. This is our last Pinewood Derby, too. (Well, at least until Goofy gets into first grade.) Grandpa shaped the cars with the kids over Christmas. Dumbledork is finishing up tweaking the wheels now.

In the words of race car great Ricky Bobby, "I wanna go fast!" We're trying to go out winners! (As is every other boy in our den!) Check back later tonight to see if we're winners or not. I'm sure the post will show up a lot faster if we are though!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Cassie!

Today is Dingy's friend's 13th birthday! Happy Birthday Cassie!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Poor Dumbledork

Poor Dumbledork. I got a call today from him that he was stuck in a bathroom in KFC. He washed his hands and went to dry them. This is what the dryer said.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

He stood there yelling for someone to come help him. I guess he just dried them on his pants or something. He called and said, "Guess what the hand dryer said." (I had already seen this picture so I knew where he was going.)

Dingy Eats Dog Food

If you have been reading Dingy's blog lately, she has been contemplating eating dog food. Why? We learned not to ask why of our kids a LONG time ago! I'm assuming she was bored and well, just a little dingy. She bought a can of dog food and had at it. Now this is the same child that got grossed out at eating deer meat at Grandma's house. (Of course she loved it and had a second helping before being told it was deer meat.) But she'll gladly open a can of basically mystery meat and chomp away.

I know a video would have been much better, but I have been having prooblems getting my videos from my camera to the computer. I can watch them on the camera. On the computer, I only have sound and no picture. So you'll have to settle for the still pics.

She's smiling. For now!
OK. Trying just a pinch. I tried telling her it didn't count unless she ate the whole can.

The full flavor hasn't quite set in yet, but she's getting it.

And a fast turn to run outside!!

Can you tell by the blinds that the door had been slammed? The blinds are off center on BOTH doors. Poor Sara is trying to figure out: 1) Why did she eat my food? 2) Why didn't she let ME outside? and 3) Can I have the food now?

Spitting and gagging.

More gagging along with the "oh my gosh that was nasty" dance.

And no, the taste doesn't wash away with just one water bottle!