Monday, March 26, 2012

Dad's Night

Tonight was Dad's night at Goofy's preschool.  Goofy has been talking about this NON STOP for WEEKS!!!

 They sang songs for the Dad's
 They played Bingo.  Goofy won stickers!!!!

 Goofy's paper says, "Here's the buzz about my daddy......He plays video games with my brother and me.
 The chains are for their Read a Thon.  For each book we read, we write the title on a slip of paper and then the teachers attach it to make the kids' chains longer and longer.  Goofy's is on the ceiling!!  His is just to the left of the one that is almost touching his head.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Friday Drive

Yesterday was a very beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the teperature was around 80 degrees!  This weekend, its supposed to rain each day!  So we took the kids out of school early and went to Skyline Drive to walk trails and see what we could see. 

Dippy found a hole in the ground!  :)

 We saw a family of bears!!!  Luckily, we saw them from the CAR and not from the trail!  (You may need to click the picture to make it bigger for a couple of these.)

 It was a Mommy and two babies.
 I think the Mommy was hungry.  She walked away from the babies.  I think she went just to see if we would get out to pet the babies, cause if we did.....we were LUNCH!!  :)

 See the bugs?
 The bugs were horrible!!! 

 Yes, a ladbug counts as wildlife!!

 They kept turning rocks over to see what they would find.

 In every picture of Widget, all I see is 'Little Man on a Mission'!

 Oh, Look!  Finally a picture where I'm pretty sure he was standing still!  We didn't get many of those.

 Dippy went down another trail.....Widget followed right along!

 See?  Look at him go!

 His first scraped knee. 
 Can't understand how he scraped his knee.  He seems to be soooo careful and he only walks!  (y'all picked up on the sarcasm, right?  I mean, you can tell from this that he is ALWAYS!)
 Rod actually SMILES!