Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Toots!!

Toots is three today!! Yep, she's a New Year's Eve baby. Ok. Not really a baby anymore. But you know what I meant.

Have a great birthday!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

From Dumbledork

Kentucky's Famous Turtle Catcher - Watch more Free Videos

Dumbledork NEEDED this posted to the blog. I didn't love it as much as he did. However, watch it and then consider this, Was the chainsaw on or off when it took out his teeth? And also listen to what he catches. The cameraman asks "Typhoid?" Turtleman's answer is great.

Also, all I have been hearing from Dumbleork is this darn yell!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

And Now Her Dog?!

You know the 'Dingy is a Weirdo' series? I guess her dog takes after her! I was playing on the computer, Dumbledork was playing his guitar. I looked over and saw this!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa found y'all. Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another 'What the Heck Goofy?'

We haven't had a 'what the heck Goofy' post for a while. But here it is! Dippy was making a smoothie for Santa. Yep. A smoothie. No plain ol' glass of milk this year!

He left the mixer sit beside his bowl on the table and THIS happened!

Yep. Licking off the beaters while they're still on the mixer. This kid is going to end up on Funniest Home Videos with his tongue stuck soon!
(and yes, I took the beaters out of the mixer and handed them over to him.)

Living The Good Life

Goofy has it made. The day before Christmas and no worries! Dippy is baking cookies for him and Goofy to leave for Santa. Goofy doesn't have to worry about any last minute gifts or baking or anything. He's just chilling on the couch (looking EXTREMELY cozy) watching Frosty.

And ten minutes after that first picture, we have this! I guess he'll never know what happened to Frosty. :( And he's totally missing Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chritmas of Long Ago

I was talking to my Mom on the phone this week and she said that Dad had taken a bunch of pictures of the Christmas tree. It just brought it all flooding back.

Let me take you back a long time and give you a glimpse of the Kirkpatrick house on Christmas morning. My brothers and I were ALWAYS up at the crack of dawn, as all kids are on Christmas morning. Mom was always easy to wake up (Even if it was never in a good mood!)but Dad took FOREVER (Still does!) Once we would finally get him awake, we would have to wait and wait til he got dressed so we could run down the hall and see what Santa left for us. But NO! We had to wait even longer. Why? He needed to take pictures of the TREE! Not the family around the tree. JUST THE TREE! Even the year it was a bush and not a tree he took a roll of film on it! This is the same tree that has been up and decorated since Thanksgiving weekend. Is it really that different on Christmas morning? And yes, I said a roll of film. This was pre digital camera days, so we had to wait while he "finished the roll up." Then, remember the rewinding of the film before loading a new one? Yep. Waited through that, too.

I have a funny feeling that even though these pictures have already been taken, Mom isn't going to be allowed to touch any presents under the tree until there are 50 MORE pictures snapped! (Really, they could fill an entire photo album with just pictures of trees!) There's also a LOT of pictures of Dad playing with our toys while we just got to watch. But that's another story!
It does look very pretty this year. Thanks Aunt Darla!
Can you see the angel on top? It's a rottweiller angel.
But THIS rottweiller is NOT an angel! Merry Christmas anyway Shyanne.

It's Cold!

I said, "Say Cheese!" and her foot started going! What's up with that? Is she talking with her feet now? (And did you notice that even her dog couldn't sit still?)

It was cold yesterday morning and they wanted me to take a picture of them all in their footy jammies. Of course when I say cold, I mean it was around 25 degrees. When I talked to MelanieWelanie, she was at 3! Yes, 3. I didn't mistype and forget a digit! Although, by lunchtime, her temperatures had climbed all the way up to 11. (Wow! So warm!) I can't wait to visit next week! I'll get a chance to see polar bears and penguins again. Or maybe that's too cold for even those animals.

We're only at 21 degrees right now. Really, if it's going to be this cold anyway, how about some snow?! It's almost Christmas. It's definitely cold enough. SNOW!

Monday, December 22, 2008

'Gingerbread' House

Remember Goofy's 'Gingerbread' house from his Christmas party at school? Pretty, right?
Well, here it is now. Not only pretty, but delicious!

After the Tree

Why is it always the same kid? At Thanksgiving, he was the one that fell. Then last night he fell again! Next time we're taking down Dingy instead!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tree

We finally got to go see the National Christmas Tree. We had plans to see it after the Army Band Christmas Concert last year, but that was the weekend Goofy was in the hospital. But we got to see it this year. It was VERY cold out there!

Goofy stayed warm. Can you find him? He kept his head down inside the jackets the whole way back to the car. (Wish I would have fit in was REALLY REALLY cold!)
And if you could see his face, guess what you'd see....a bloody mess! He tripped and fell running on the sidewalk to get to the tree. He didn't just fall, he FELL! He landed on his nose and then slid on his face. I'm not sure he really appreciated seeing the tree after going through the pain to get there. But he got a special candy cane donut at 7-11 because of it. Donuts make everything better.

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Birthday

Things heard while lighting the candles on Dumbledork's cake. (Which was almost too small to hold all of the candles!)

"It's getting really bright in here!"
"It's getting hot in here!"
"It looks like Grandpa's cake."

Oh. And the smoke that was in the air after they were blown out.... Many more candles than the last cake we had here. Many more.

But we also all need to feel bad for Dumbledork. Somehow his fingers were smashed in the office door tonight. Most of the feeling has come back, so that's a good thing. Also, somehow I got the blame for it. OK. So I WAS the one that shut the door. And it was also one of those things where I saw his fingers after it was closing and knew he was going to get hurt but couldn't get the door stopped before it hit him. Do smashed fingers count as a birthday present?

Goofy's Party

We went to Goofy's party at his school this morning. We had some food and then we made little 'gingerbread' houses. Dumbledork did the construction and Goofy did the decorating.

And here's the finished house. If anyone was counting the Skittles and mini M&M's that are in that cup and comparing it to the number on the house.....Yes. He ate a lot of them. (I got the Smarties cause sadly, he doesn't like Smarties. But that just means more for Mommy when Halloween rolls around!)

You can't really tell, but look closely at the yellow gumdrop. It has teeth marks in it.

I made the door for the house.

Happy Birthday Dumbledork!!

We were Christmas shopping last night and I asked him what kind of a cake he wanted for his birthday. He said he doesn't need one. Well, Dippy and I want cake, so you're getting one! He got upset with me, though, because he said birthdays are just a reminder that you're getting closer on your drive to Geezer Town. I told him, "I don't think you need to drive, you can get out and walk to Geezer Town from here."

We're going to Goofy's school this morning for their holiday party. Then, if the weather is nice, we're going to walk to a house down the road tonight that REALLY goes overboard with their decorations. We want to let Goofy out to see it ALL. Not just what you see when you're driving 35 mph.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boy Scouts

OK. Get ready to say, "Awww."

Dippy is moving up to Boy Scouts in February. We went to check out four different Boy Scout Troops, but he has finally made his decision. The majority of the boys were all going to the same Troop (or so we thought). Dippy picked a different one. At Tuesday night's meeting, all of the boys had to tell their Den leader what Troop they had chosen. Two other boys that we like (and like their parents) also picked the Troop Dippy picked. We didn't know this was going to happen. We were under the impression from all of the talk from the Den leader that we were the only ones going there. We are very happy to have these two families to continue on with.

But, do you know what THIS kid said to me on the way out to the parking lot? Are you ready to say, "Awww" now?

He told me that he picked Troop 964 because that is where Dippy is going.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I bought icicle lights for our house EIGHT years ago. Every year SOMEONE says they'll put them up but never does. But this year, he did!

And the finished product.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dingy's Drama Club Show

Dingy had her first Drama Club production tonight. It was all improv. She got to pair up with her friend Alyson for most of it. They did a pretty good job.

This is using props. They came up with some good ideas. (Dingy's in the striped shirt in case you couldn't find her with her face covered.)
This was the first game they played. The conversation had to be all questions. Dingy and Alyson knocked out a LOT of people. The boy in the front of the other line is the Den Chief for Dippy's Cub Scout den. He's an 8th grader. And yes, Dingy took him out of the game. :)

Alyson again.
I only had my camera phone with me. I forgot my camera and was afraid to turn back for it thinking I might not get a seat at the show. (I would have; seating was MUCH better for this than for their strings concert.) But that's why the pics aren't quite as close as they should be.


Dumbledork's new company car!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Goofy

Dumbledork found this and Goofy LOVES it! He has been watching it over and over!

Cute Animal Christmas Song - Watch more free videos

Goofy -- One Year Later

It's been a year since Goofy's burn. Here he is while we were at the hospital.

This is the burn a few days after it happened.
Here it is after the cast from the graft came off.

And here we are this morning.

I think it looks slightly better today than a year ago!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another For My Mommy!

Here's your Christmas gift! For anyone that doesn't know, the first time Mom rented a DVD, she actually asked if we had to rewind it before we returned it!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

IT'S SNOWING !!!!!!!

It's SNOWING!! I know those living up there in the Arctic that are reading this are probably not impressed. By now y'all are already a little sick of the snow. (Especially since you've had it since October!) But, it's SNOWING!! The kids came running out here all excited and started opening the blinds for us to look.

Like the bare feet in the snow on Dingy?

Here's where we're hiking for Easter. Double click on the pic and I circled the spot we're hiking to.

This is a picture of the spot that is circled above

This is who is hiking. (Plus the photographer...I get to go, too!)