Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick Or Treat

I wasn't going to get Widget a costume this year, but I went out to the store today and just happened to see this and it was WAY on sale. So he got it. I figured it would help keep him warm while we were walking around.

My little Spiderman. He had to take his mask off though at the end of the first street. He tripped up the stairs, then you could tell by the way he was walking that he just couldn't see! Even without the mask, he still fell and spilled his bucket of candy THREE times!! Thank goodness for the flashlight app. on the Droid! We managed to find all the candy every time. And the last time he fell, it was just after we had dumped his bucket to give him a fresh start so he only spilled like 8 pieces instead of 3/4 of a bucket.
I cannot believe that Widget just sat there looking at Dippy. Dippy scared ME and I bought the mask!!

Dingy went trck-or-treating at a friend's house and got ready there. (Just so no one thinks I am playing favorites with the boys!)

Goofy is such a goober, too. At every house, he would come off the porch holding a piece of candy, yelling, "Look what I got!!"


The rest of Bark For Life.

See the great dane? Or small pony? He was BEAUTIFUL. And the girl in front of him...she's not bent over that far! She was pretty short. They won the kissing contest. I think it was my favorite dog from yesterday. Dingy I decided we both want one now.

I think that the next time I try to take a family picture, I am only going to pretend to take pictures and instead video my idiots! Then y'all can see just what I have to deal with in trying to get ONE nice picture!!!

Look! Dingy's not cheesing for the camera. Although, she IS scaring me!!

Well, that was Rod's exercise for the day!

Bark For Life

Yesterday was our first Bark For Life. Hopefully they raised enough money that they will do one again next year. The pictures are going to be all out of order and mixed up. I had a LOT of pictures.

This was the kissing contest. Stella was mad at Rod and wouldn't participate. She wouldn't look at him even after we got home. It wasn't until Haylie started paying attention to him that she finally made up. I think she was mad because he dressed her for the costume parade.

Waiting for the kissing contest.

Santa pictures!!!!!

I think I have more pictures to post later. I know this isn't all that I have!!

Bark For Life Continued

Sara as Glinda the Good Witch.

Look at Rod in the background. He's soooo in to our costume contest. And this was waiting to hear the winner!!!!

The costume parade

One of our competitors.

The monkeys were posed so well here. And attention hog Stella jumped in just for fun.

The scary monkeys. Thankfully -- I didn't have nightmares from them last night!

There was something on the ground there. EVERY dog stopped.

More Bark For Life

It was extremely hard to get a good group shot.

Time out from the doggies.

And back to the doggies.

We borrowed a kid to walk Sara. She was cuter than Rod! :)

Here's the Wicked Witch with 2 of her flying monkeys. I think the 'monkeys' were my favorite.

Everyone getting dressed.

Grace (the monkey) protecting her 'little sister'.

Stella.....when she was happy. BEFORE the evil costumes!
Our group gathering.