Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Shirt

Widget got a new shirt.  There has never been a shirt that more aptly described the wearer!!

 I think the flash was starting to bother him.  He still cheesed it up for me, though!  After that picture he was rubbing his eyes.  I think he was seeing spots.  So I moved on to the next victim....I mean kid.  :)
 Marvel wasn't smiling for me, so I had to go back to my cheeser.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Haircut Day

Marvel had his first haircut today.  I just had them trim it up around his ears and then try to tame the poofiness he had going on up top.  Widget got his cut today, too......finally!!
 Widget looks happy here, but Marvel looks like he's being crowded off his playmat.
 These are a little blurry, but they're funny.  I had put Marvel on Goofy's lap.  Widget was having none of that and grabbed Marvel......
 and proceeded to pull the baby over to him.  (I did step in to ensure Marvel's safety)
 Now Wiget's happy.

 Look at Goofy's eyes in the next 2 pictures and see if you can guess where the tv is in the room.

It was after that picture that Widget...once again...was told the poem; 'you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose!'


All I can say is.....WHY??????

They still made good banana bread, though.

Christmas Lights, Video 3

Rod and Dippy went across the street to video the house.  Watch the window for a Goofy Goober to appear!  :)

Christmas Lights, Video 2

The busy, busy, busy Widget!!

Christmas Lights, Video 1

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Lights!!!

Rod just took down the Halloween decorations last week.  Then he got to work on our Christmas lights!!  Widget is LOVING the Christmas lights and decorations.  Not just ours, at the store and on the streets, too.
 He's just staring at the snowman.

 Pointing out more lights.
 Rod and Dippy hard at work.  SShhhh......Don't tell Dippy I have his elbow in the picture.

 The kids were checking out the lights.

 Lighting up the neighborhood.  We also have a thing that will make the lights blink on and off to the music.  We don't have it turned on all the time, though. 


I finally got pictures of Dingy in her uniform ready to work.  I still haven't gone into Chick-Fil-A while she's actually working to take pictures.  We were planning on going over last night, but Rod and Dippy were so busy decorating, that Rod was too tired to go anywhere by dinner time.  (Pictures of the lights are coming soon!)  Dippy is liking having Dingy working there.  When he goes with me to drop her off he usually gets a milkshake and sometimes some nuggets!  During the week, I have to pick her up at school, so he'll ride home with us, too instead of the bus.  He even went over with me today JUST for the snack!  :)
Here she is all ready to say 'My Pleasure' over and over and over.
 I said to say cheese.  After this, I asked for a little less cheese!

Marvel and Widget

Marvel was in a happy mood this morning so we got the camera out and played a little.
 Widget cannot be left out of picture time.

 Widget wanted to hold Marvel, but then he changed his mind.