Sunday, December 30, 2012


We had to go to PA to get the kids some snow to play in!! 
Stella is a little short for a deep snow.

 She really liked running (or hopping) in the snow, though.

 The kids went out to play for a little while.

 Widget LOVES snow.  But now that he's played in it, I'm not sure he still loves it. 

 Snow angels

 Even Dippy went out to play.

 He got a little wet.

Friday, December 28, 2012


2 days without new pictures on the blog, and I have my Mommy yelling at me!!  I have nothing new really, so I snapped a couple of pics real quick.
 He's been chewing on 2 fingers lately.  Usually, it's 2 fingers onhis right hand.  Not sure why he had both hands in his mouth this time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dingy's Christmas

This is Dingy taking her loot and returning to her room.  (We may not see her again today.)
 This is the stuff she forgot.  When I mentioned it to her, I found out she didn't forget, this is my fail pile.  Although, I did tell her when I handed her several packages that we could go tomorrow and exchange it all.  It looks like she kept a few things.

Rod's Knife

Dippy made Rod a special present this year.
 And wrapped it in duct tape.
 Very well.
 He made the box AND carved the handle for the knife.
 The box.
 Made special for the knife.
 And the knife

Santa Came!!!

Santa came!!!  The kids' stockings were filled......
 ...and presents under the tree....
I know we make fun of Dad for taking umpteen million pictures of the tree every Christmas morning, but this is different.  I took these pictures at 2:00 in the morning while the children slept.  NOT at 7:00 while all the kids sat in the hall, waiting IMpatiently to be allowed to go see if Santa came!!!! 

Thank You!!

Thank you, Grandma Dao and Grandpa Gary!!!! 

You'll have to check with the older two if you want to know what you got them. And hopefully they gave you a thank you of their own.


We went out for our annual Christmas Eve dinner and movie last night.  Marvel was crying in the car because it was time for him to eat, too.  We were expecting to have to wait for a table.  There were only a couple of places that stayed open past 6:00.  But, we walked in and were seated right away.  Marvel was all chilled out when we got him out of the car and carried him in.   This is what was keeping him happy....
 2 fingers!  I've been wondering if he was going to be a thumb sucker.  He seems to chew on his hands a little more than any of the other kids did.
 This is the first we've seen any fingers in his mouth...usually he chews his whole hand.  But I know Grandma would love the 2'll remind her of her favorite child.  ;)

Dingy's Present

Dingy's boyfriend gave her a Christmas present.  I LOVED the wrapping job he did!! 
Yes,  that is COMPLETELY covered in duct tape!  :) 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Santa!!

Last minute preperations are underway for tomorrow!!  Dingy and I did our last minute shopping this morning.  Then we came home and she colored her hair.  Why this had to be done today, I have no idea! 
 Dingy was trying to keep me from getting a picture of Marvel.
 I use the fireplace for extra storage since we don't use it.  All this week, Goofy has been worried about how Santa will get into the house with the fireplace blocked.
 I finally got a pic through his hands.

 The stockings.
 I cleaned up behind the couch so that Goofy wouldn't have to worry about Santa getting in tonight.
 I think he's happy I did that.