Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goofy's First Loose Tooth

Goofy got his first loose tooth today.  He bit into an apple and then went screaming and crying to Dingy cause "all his teeth were falling out."  After we calmed him down, I told him he could wiggle it all he wanted.  The more he wiggled it, the faster it would fall out.  I think he is wiggling A LOT.  You can see it sticking out of line and it has been bleeding a lot.  It might be out before tomorrow at this rate!

Happy Baby

Dippy's definition of a happy baby.  I think maybe he has some of his Grandma Dao in him!  He had given Widget a cookie, even though I had said he was done with cookies for the night.  Dippy said he made a noise and pointed so he needed one.  Dingy and I were in the kitchen trying to color her hair.  Dippy came back out with THIS!  A baby with a popsicle in one hand and an Oreo in the other.  Why?  He wanted it. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dippy's Helicopter

Dippy used his Christmas money to buy himself a helicopter.  He got it over Christmas break.  He flew it th efirst day he got it, and it flew four houses down from us and cracked some of it.  Then Rod had to have a turn and he broke the wings!  After placing an order with Amazon for replacement parts, he's ready to fly again!
 This was the first night.

And then we flew againn tonight
 He tied the helicopter to a string and tied the end of the string to a heavy rock.  That way, it doesn't get up too high to get out of range and he can practice flying.  He couldn't learn HOW to fly it before because it would go off too soon.  He did have better control tonight.

 He also had an audience tonight.

 Widget likes Oreos.  A LOT!!

 He's all sugared up and ready to shoot down the enemy aircraft!
 You can see the repair made to the nose.
 Widget findig a different 'gun'.  So glad the water wasn't turned on to the hose.
 "What?  I wasn't touching anything." 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Morning In The Snow

We got our big snowstorm last night.  Goofy was sooo excited when he saw it this morning.  We had to hurry up and go out and play in it.  By this afternoon, it'll probably all be gone!! 

It was more ice than snow.  Goofy kept picking up pieces and throwing them.  Then he yelled at me  for walking.  He kept saying, "You're breaking it!" 

 Widget doesn't have a slow speed.
 And this is what happens on ice when you don't have a slow speed!

 This was his 3rd fall right there.
 And his love affair with snow is OVER!!

 After some hugs, he got over it.
 Then Goofy went down.
 He got over his a lot faster.  He just warmed his hands a little in my pocket.

 And down again!  This was IT for him.  He went inside, warmed up and went to bed!  I'm thinking he would very much like to move to Florida now!  (But enlarge this pic so you can see his paci. )

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Widget

It seems like lately, the blog is changing to The Adventures of Widget.  I'll have to try to get some pics of the other kids soon to even it out a bit. 

Last night, Widget cut his thumb and needed a bandaid.  His hand was useless the rest of the night.  He sat there staring at it.  And his hand stayed like it is in the picture.  All of his fingers spread out.   

 This morning, it appears that the 'man gene' has shown itself in Widget.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grocery Shopping With Widget

Widget wasn't sure he wanted to be at the grocery store this morning.  I tried to distract him so I could get my shopping done in peace.  When we were in the produce section, I let him put the veggies in the bag and then put the labels on them.  Then, I kept handing everything to him to put in the cart.  I wasn't thinking and handed him a lunchable to put in.  Well, he wanted to EAT IT!  And NOW!!  So that started a big fit that lasted through a couple of aisles.  Finally, I caved and opened a box of cereal for him.  He sat like this eating for the rest of the shopping trip.  We even had to quickly hand it to the cashier and right back when we checked out.

 Then he screamed when I took it from him to buckle him into the car.  He ate them the whole way home!!
 And once in the house....still eating them!!  I don't know if there's going to be any left for Goofy's breakfast tomorrow!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Strange, Strange Teenagers

I think there may be no hope for the future.  My older kids are soooooooo weird!!!  Rod asked me to pick up croissants for him when I went to the store.  So I did.  Dippy asked for bagels.  I got those, too.  All weekend, Dippy has been asking, "What can you put on a croissant?"  I have tried telling him.....MANY, MANY, MANY times....anything you put on a sandwich, you can put on a croissant.  Yet he goes on and on with specific foods, and can you put that on it?  What happens if you put.......(fill in the blank)....on it.  YOU GET A SANDWICH!!!!  THAT'S WHAT!!!!  THEN....he starts asking about bagels.  Can you put peanut butter and jelly on it?  Can you put sandwich meat on it?  Can you....? Can you...?  YES!!!!  If it's edible PUT IT ON!!!!  Really, I may have to just buy plain old bread from now on.  So, then this morning, Dingy gets up at the crack of 10:30!!!  She looks at the bagels and asks, "Can I put sandwich meat on a bagel?"  OH MY GOSH!!!!! 
Dingy comes in the kitchen, stands beside the highchair where Widget is, and starts asking, "Where's the baby?  Where's the baby?"  I looked at her like she was nuts.  (A normal look in this house.)  She's like, "What?  He's wearing camo.  You can't see him."  Ten minutes later, Dippy comes in the room, looks at Widget, and starts talking about the floating baby head and floating hands!!!!! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Using a Fork

We told Widget to eat with a fork.  I guess he just heard, eat a fork!

 Do you see the mess he made?  There had been a carrot on his high chair by his EYES!!  He must have knocked it off for Stella before I took the picture. 

The Bread

Not sure what you're to be looking at?  It's the twist tie on the bread.  There is actually a twist tie on the bread for once instead of just being folded under!  Anyway, Goofy wanted to make himself a sandwich for lunch.  I gave him the loaf of bread, the sandwich meat and some cheese.  He held up the bread and said, "Umm...MOM!!  The bread is locked!"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goofy Sleeps

I went to pick Dingy up at school today.  Rod was home with the flu, so I left the little guys with him.  This is what I found when I got home.

 I took a pic of just his arm.  My first thought when I saw this?  MY hand would be sooooo tingly by now!!! 

Cutest Cups

These are the cutest sippy cups EVER!!!  The older kids and I went to IKEA tonight.   We were looking around and found these.  I HAD to have them!! 

Sara Bellum

Sara was really relaxed today!! I tried to get a picture of her sleeping.  It wasn't until later that I noticed the little finger in her face!!