Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Day on the Beach

After the other part of our party left, we went to the beach one last time to try to fly the kite. It had been windy ALL week. But the day we remember to take our kite...NO WIND!! It flew a little anyway. And Dingy had needed to collect a few more shells to make a gift for her friend.

Rod's starting to regret buying me a camera. I got glared at a lot by him. And at one point, he actually said something about the "enter bad word here" camera. (Like that's going to stop me!)

It was a little chilly there.

I didn't get to see any of theses alive, but I did find a somewhat fresh one.

My little photobomber.

I think they got stuck.

Maybe this is how Goofy was going to bury Widget in the sand.

See the hole Goofy's climbing out of and Dingy's standing in? They both plopped in.....2 seconds after Rod saying, "Watch, there's a big hole there, don't fall....whatever." (I don't think they were listening to him)

Rod's diggin for...........

The lure he had lost the day before!!!! He was so happy to find it. :)

Holy shells!!!!! I have never ever before seen sooooooo many shells!!!!! Piles and piles and piles of them!!!

Goofy with a scoop full of shells. I believe he said, "Tiya, I gonna dump these on your back." (I was able to stop him from actually doing it, though.)

Pointing at a fish jumping......then........
It was..."here. take the baby. I gotta go get my fishing pole."

Chasing Sea Gulls

Goofy spent lots of time trying to catch those elusive sea gulls. I should have given him a hot dog to hold. Then he would have had one come VERY close to him!!! :)

There's a spot waaaaaay down the beach. That's him. We went down to the beach Friday morning and had the place almost all to ourselves.

You may need to enlarge these to see anything. Goofy actually started CRAWLING across the sand to try to get one!!!

I think that did work to get him closer.

The dejected Goofy. :(

I think he's yelling at them. and probably thinking about his gun!!!

Red Roof Inn

Dear Red Roof Inn,

Who in the heck does your decorating???? You really, really hurt my poor little eyes! :(

That's right...SAME ROOM!!!! And this picture of the curtains doesn't capture their full color 'beauty'.

Plymouth, MA

First....sorry, these pictures are all out of order.

We spent a day in Plymouth. We visited the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, a couple of statues and had a big seafood lunch.

Plymouth Rock. Yep. That's it. Really??? Why did I think I was going to see a HUGE boulder of some sort?

Dingy on the Mayflower

Goofy on the Mayflower.


Dingy with her first of MANY bowls of clam chowder. This one, I think, came in first in her list. Yes. She kept a list of all the clam chowder she ate and put them in order of how good they were! This one had ranked first until our very last day. I'm not sure if the last one beat this one or not.

Mom's HUGE scallops.

Looooooong Day

I think we try to do a little too much during our vacations.

Rod burnt the tops of his feet.

Even the doggies were tired.