Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sled Riding

Taylor had a sled riding party for her birthday.  We were lucky enough to be in PA that weekend.  As far as a I know, Goofy has only gone sledding ONE time before.  The two littler ones, never, and I am not sure about Dippy, but pretty sure it has only been a small handful of times for him!  We had even bought sleds and took them up before we knew about the party, too.  Just in hopes there would be snow and a hill for us.  :)  And Taylor's hill is perfect.
 (although, the hike back up isn't quite as fun!)

 We don't think he was loving the sled. 
 Goofy was!  I think he would have stayed out there ALL day!

 Even Dippy was playing AND smiling. 

 They were trying to run me over.
 Wreck!  That's what happens when you try to hurt me.

 That poor sled.
 I think the sled is trying to get away from that abuse.

 I don't think Widget liked going by himself as much as with someone.
 And he went the WHOLE way!!!  That dark spot at the end is him!  Luckily, Uncle Eric picked him up and drove him up the hill.

 Happy Birthday, Taylor!!
 And the aftermath of playing outside all day.

New Year's Eve

I guess there's always next year to see the ball drop!

Family Pictures

Gary and Dao have a picture in their house of the first four grandkids together.  We haven't updated it with Widget and Marvel.  Since Dingy was there and Taylor was spending the day, we decided to try to get them an updated picture of their grandkids. 
Just the girls.  Although Dingy wouldn't shut up to have the picture taken!

 The girls will sit and smile.  Those little boys, though......
 We even managed to get the grandparents in here too!  :)

 Since we were on a roll, we took more pictures with Grandma Shirley. 
 Widget wouldn't participate unless he had his chair.