Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dingy WITH her Award Winning Photos

So you've seen the photos. Now you can see them displayed.....with some crazy kid with them!

pointing at her Best in Show Photo. I think she looks a little happy.
Grandma and Aunt Karen checking out the birds. Before she was able to snap that photo of the babies, she was going to use a photo of the four eggs in the nest. Pretty much, exactly like the photo BESIDE hers!!

Dingy with her Widget photo. She still looks pretty happy.

A little closer shot of the Best in Show display.

Dingy and her other Widget picture.

Dingy's Award Winning Photos!

Here are the photos that Dingy entered into the fair. ALL SIX of her photos won a prize!!! I think she gets her talent from her Mommy. :)

Black and White people: Best in Show Winner!!!!
Black and White Infant under 2: 2nd place winner

People, color. 4th place winner

Infant under 2, color: 2nd place winner

Pets, color: 4th place

And birds, wild: 1st place!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rod's New Toy

Rod bought a new toy for himself. He said he is naming it The Mad Max. I said Tiya Marie makes a good name for a boat, but maybe it fits a yacht better. Rod thinks that since we will probably never own a yacht, he will name his little dinghy Tiya Marie. :)

Widget doesn't seem to want off.
Still not coming. He would come over to the edge, and then when Rod reached for him, he ran back! It was funny. Especially since he had just done the same thing to me the day before at the park at the top of a big slide!

Sunday at the Park

I FINALLY got to go to the park near the airport!!! I had heard about this place before but never knew that much about it. Something came up in the last week or so that gave me what I needed to search for it, and I found it!!! Gravelly Point Park is the BEST!! It is right beside Reagan National airport. There's no playground or anything, just a big open field and the biking/hiking path right there. (Plus, FREE boat launch...Rod's highlight find of the day!) But the airplanes come in for a landing right over your heads! You can watch them taking off, but you're watching from the start of their taxi, and then they fly off in the opposite direction.

Goofy told me the plane almost hit him in the head with its wheels.
We did play ball, too.

Rod had taken an umbrella for shade. Widget didn't need it. He found enough shade in Rod's shadow. Yes. Widget IS in this picture. :)

He sort of blends into the field.

Nice background for a picture, huh? i was going to have the kids' pictures done professionally this year, but I like this place for scenery.

Look, Dingy doesn't want the Washington Monument to get wet. :)

Look out Dingy, there's a plane behind you!!!!!!

The wind was taking Widget away. (Not really. Rod thought he was being clever. )

Weird bicycle. I know it's random, but we saw it and thought I would share it.

I have no clue what is up with Goofy's face! We kept posing the kids when planes would come in, and Dingy photobombed and Goofy was....well....goofy!

She kept trying to make it look like she was holding the plane. She kept missing. Badly.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goofy's Birthday!!!!!!

It's Goofy's FIFTH birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Dippy and Dingy are both gone. :( We took him to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday lunch. I wasn't sure how that would go without the older kids to play with him. I don't think he even cared! He played and played. He even ate (which he usually doesn't while we're there). And ALL the tickets were his at the end of the meal.
AND...I beat Rod really good at a football throwing game. I even had the high score for the DAY (YES...Out of EVERYONE there!!) We still have to go out and get him a birthday cake for later. Maybe I'll have some pictures of him to post after that. For now, this is what Chuck E. Cheese's does to Widget. (and his Dad)