Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Property

It appears we will be buying a property in North Carolina on Kerr Lake.  We went down this weekend to meet with the ranger and fill out paperwork to get our dock permit.  I took a few pictures while we were there, too.  :)
I have no idea what this picture is.  It looks like it could be Rod's arm?  It looked a little freaky so I shared. 
 This is one choice for the dock location.  But I think he decided to go to the other side.
 This is the peninsula that is private for just the landowners where we are buying.  There are five lots, and spaces for five docks.  And that's it.

 I think that's the spot he decided on.

 That's Rod explaining how the weather comes in on this side.
 This will be the view from the dock.

 Going back to the first location. 

 Explaining how the weather would hit this side, too, anyway. 

 The path back up.  We will be needing to purchase a golf cart for this journey.  Especially when there will be beach gear, fishing equipment and coolers in tow!
 Pack mule Daddy.

 One marker for the new property.

 Rod's standing by another marker.  It goes clear down to the thick tree line.

 Cuteness break.

 The other side marker.

 Rod parked the van in the garage......or where the garage will someday be.  Although, if it's like the garage we have now, the car will NEVER be in it because of all the crap piled up!

 That tree line is about halfway down the land.
 The one road going in.
 From the thick tree line looking up to where we had the car parked.

 The trees are the ones that were about halfway down in the earlier pics.

 And then things got weird.  And by things, I mean Rod.
 Bigfoot came out!!  I knew those woods looked squatchy!  :)

 And from weird to weirder!

 'Bigfoot' tried to jump the ditch and almost fell!! 

And being the nice, caring person I am, I had to quit taking pictures to check on him.  HA HA HA.  NOPE!!  I quit taking pictures cause I was laughing too dang hard!!!!