Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ocean City

MelanieWelanie from Fodder for Conversation and I went to Ocean City this past weekend. It was Sunfest!! And it was AWESOME!! Very very crowded though. And I think we discovered the world's smallest parking lot! I was driving the big van, too, so the two didn't go together very well. We parked the van Friday night and walked everywhere we needed to go! Even a mile over the bridge for big seafood dinner at Hooper's Crab House! We played Guitar Hero, too. (duh) And guess what?? I WON!!!!! OK. It was one song, but I WON!!! Most of the songs we play, I play on medium and she plays on hard. So when I win those, it doesn't really count cause her song is harder. BUT--we played a song, and we were BOTH on medium and I KICKED HER BUTT!!!! You'll probably want to check her blog later as I am guessing she is going to post a different version of this story!

Anyway, while we were out walking around one night, we saw this sign. I know it is a little fuzzy, but check out the store hours.

They open at 6:17 am. Really? Who came up with THAT???

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Show and Tell

Goofy had the Show and Tell bag in his bucket when he came home on Monday. He was sooooo excited. He put his Show and Tell item (a ball of course!) into the bag Monday night and left it at the ready til today!

He even practiced what he wanted to say. "I throw it. I roll it."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Bike Pics

For Sunday's ride, I had Dippy and Nik with me. It's very different riding with two boys over the ride I had Saturday with the other lady. On Saturday, we kept a nice steady pace and just rode along. Sunday, we stopped to look at EVERYTHING!!

We stopped to look at the family of turtles.
We stopped for the dying mouse.

Nik's peg fell off, so we stopped to put that back on.

They wanted to walk down to the water. That's the trail Nik found for me to go down. I had told him that the next trail he saw, to go ahead and stop and we'd go down for a minute or two. THIS is what he found for me.
Playing on the rocks.

Exploring the old lock.

They found a toad. He does a good job of blending in, but you can find him.
Another stop to explore the water.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boy Scout Campout Weekend

This weekend both Rod and I went with Dippy to his monthly campout. This month they had decided to go biking on the C&O Canal. It is VERY nice there. The trail is mostly flat, too which makes it nice for the untrained rider.

This is Dippy stealing his Dad's cushy seat cover.

Like It?

Do you like this picture of Dippy? Do you think it is worth the pain that I went through to get it? Here's what happened. (I feel just like Monk now!) I wanted to get a picture of the pretty scenery. Unlike Rod, though, I like to have my kids in the shot. (By the way, that's Dippy's friend Nik with him.) Anyway, I was too close to get a decent view, so I backed up a little. Then a little more. Apparently, you're supposed to look behind you when you're going backwards. I looked after I hurt myself........
...on THIS! It was just the right height to get my in the back of my thigh. Like my legs weren't being abused enough as it was!!

Who puts a metal pipe out there in the middle of nothing anyway?

Can Anyone Explain?

When we went on our bike ride, I asked Rod to carry my camera. He had pockets, and I didn't. I thought he was going to ride with me. I didn't know that he was going to take off and never look back! OK. He waited for me a few times. Finally, at one of the stops, I asked for my camera back so I would have it. But I found a few pics on there that he took. This is one of them. Why? What was he taking a picture of? And once again, he was riding more with the group, and there were NO pictures of anyone we knew. None of his son. None of his son's friends. No one at all from our group. But he got this!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Last First Day of the Year

Goofy started preschool today. He was very excited to be going.

His new water bottle.

Outside the school waiting for the doors to open.

Sitting beside his teacher before class.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

It's MelanieWelanie's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goofy's Day

We were allowed to go look around Goofy's preschool today. Friday is the official open house. Today was a sneak peek self guided tour.

See the tears? Know why they're there? We left. We went in and saw his classroom. We met a little girl that's going to be in his class. We saw the playground, and where he hangs his coat. We saw everything. Then we left. That's when the tears started. He wanted to stay at school!
We went to Target and bought him his bucket.

That seemed to make everything better! He better not cry on Monday cause he doesn't want to stay!

Another First Day!

They're off to another first day of school. Dingy's last first day of middle school and Dippy's first first day of middle school! I hope the day improves as it goes for them. I didn't sleep in (like another mother we all know!) but we woke up to a rainy day. Either Mother Nature is sad that none of the kids are going to be outside playing today, or it's tears of joy from all the mothers who have been waiting for their quiet houses to return! Either way, not a nice sunny morning to be standing at a bus stop.
The kids' bus is supposed to come at 7:46. Being the first day of school, I told them to be out there at least 10 minutes early just to be safe. So the kids went at 7:35 (they weren't the first ones there). At 7:55, they're still there. I kept checking on them out the window (Ha ha Dingy--didn't know I did that, did you?) Then at shortly after 8, the kids came back and said the bus wasn't coming and they needed a ride to school. Someone at the bus stop called the school and their bus had already arrived! I told Dingy to grab anyone that needed a ride (there are a lot of working parents around here) and I'd take them all down. I took one extra kid down, who was in Dippy's class last year, so a starting 6th grader, too. He had started to walk to school. I think it is about 3 miles and you have to cross Dale Blvd., a 4 lane road with constantly speeding cars! So hopefully their bus not showing up is the worst of their day, because that was fixed quite easily.

This is the shirt that Dippy picked out for his first day of school. He said it fit for the day! I think it fits for my life! I need that tattooed on my forehead!
I even sneaked a picture of them at the bus stop.

LOOK!! She smiles!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You're On Vacation!!!

Get off the phone!!! There should be NO business calls when you are on vacation!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goofy Sleepy

Rod was watching Goofy the other night and Goofy got tired.