Thursday, July 30, 2009

Worse Than MelanieWelanie!!!

Holy cow! Did you think I would EVER post again?? I just got worse than Melanie over at Fodder for Conversation!! We are busy getting ready for our big summer vacation! YAY!! OK. The kids are doing more than the grown ups right now. They are in cleaning my house so it's ready for company tomorrow night. Cassie and Adam come around dinner time tomorrow and we head out to the lake early Saturday morning. I will try my best to take a LOT of pictures! Just be a little patient with the blog......again. I can't update it from my phone and I will not have computer access. gasp. (I hope Dingy and I survive!)

So have a great beginning of August and I will post some pictures when we return!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Poor Dippy

Goofy needed more soap today for his bathtime. I asked him if he wanted Spiderman, Cars or SpongeBob. I even pointed to each of those when I asked him. Guess which he picked. Did you guess?

Yep. My Little Pony. Dippy was with us and he was NOT happy with Goofy! He really wanted me to make him put it back.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Grew a Tomato!

Isn't it pretty? And it's the ONLY ONE I'm going to get from my plant this year!! So, please enjoy the picture of my $10 tomato!! There were 4 others. 3 of them got picked and used as balls. One of them just disappeared. That leaves this lonely little tomato. Dippy asked what it was good for, and I told him for a sandwich. He said, "it would work for a slider."

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Not Rod's best work..... :(

Parade Pics

Dingy ate almost all of her candy while watching the parade! And there was a LOT!

Goofy got a little bored during parts.
But he kept waving his flag anyway!

The firetrucks were a little too loud for him. (of course he didn't mind the booming fireworks which were WAY louder!)

Goofy at the Parade

I think the parade was a little long for Goofy. He sat down and started messing with his shoes....

Then, his shoes were all that I had sitting beside me!

What the Heck, Goofy?

It's been awhile, but here's another 'What the Heck, Goofy?' At the parade, a guy was handing out stickers. This is what Goofy did--on his own--with his sticker!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Colbert Report

Did anyone else hear that Jeff Goldblum died last week? I only heard it once. But it actually made the news in.....somewhere. (Stephen Colbert will tell you where.)

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed
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June Sales Raise Concerns for Back-to-School Shopping

June Sales Raise Concerns for Back-to-School Shopping

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Help Them!!!!!

We were getting a lot of candy thrown at us. One lady threw a handfull of bouncy balls. They scared me cause I thought they were some kind of candy and when they hit the road they started, well, bouncing. EVERYWHERE!! And, just so you know, if you're sitting and watching a parade, and someone throws a dum dum lollipop from their car and it hits your HURTS!! I'm wearing protective gear next year!

Dippy worried and worried over those two lollipops. I told him to just run out there and grab them. There was plenty of time between floats. Then another float would come by and he would be sitting there saying, "don't run over the candy, don't run over the candy." After telling him about a hundred times to just go save them, he talked Dingy into getting them.....for HIM! He made her put them in his candy pile!

Parade Pics!

I know the 4th of July parade was almost a week ago, but I have pictures sitting here that haven't been shared yet.

This little girl was too cute and I had to take a picture. (I know Grandma, I'm getting to your kids!) The parade hadn't even started yet. She had her bag to collect candy and she was out on the street picking up little pebbles and putting them in her bag!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Can't Take Him Anywhere! :)

We went out for supper last night. Rod had some spaghetti. So did his shirt! Goofy had spaghetti, too. Only his shirt was clean when we left!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


It's Goofy's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've been celebrating since FRIDAY! But today he really turns 3. HAppy Birthday! (A slide show or something with pictures will be coming. Be a little patient. And yes, Grandma, that was directed at YOU!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Goofball Children!

This is outside of where we ate lunch. I think the Aquarium is sort of across the water. And speaking of lunch....we went to an all you can eat seafood buffet. I think Rod took them literally because he ate ALL that he could eat! And so much shrimp and other shellfish. Anyone else saying to themselves, "But I thought he was allergic to shrimp" ? Well--he IS!! I stopped and bought him some Benedryll and he went to bed when we got home saying he doesn't feel well. Really? He only had FOUR platefulls!!! Of course Dippy and Danny were trying to have a dish of every flavor of ice cream. So Dippy had 4 I think. Maybe it was 3 and then a smoothie at the mall. Either way, everyone was stuffed!

We were sitting there and I wanted to take a picture of Dingy. As soon as I pushed the button, Dippy jumped in front of her!! So THIS is my pic of HER!

Then she had to jump into his pcture. She doesn't block quite as well, but she still made her presence known!

Want to know why we HAD to stop and take our pictures at THIS location?
Dingy saw a GREEN thingy. (Yes, thingy is the technical name for these!)

Goofy's Birthday!!!!!!

It's not really his birthday yet. That's not until Monday. But Dippy leaves for Boy Scout camp on Sunday and we didn't want him to miss out on our birthday celebration. (We didn't think either Dippy OR Gooofy would be happy about that!) So we took the kids to the National Aquarium in Baltimore today. We've been talking about this for quite a while and everyone knew it was today. Goofy came in our room this morning at 5AM!! He knew. (Yesterday I bought him his cake and he was walking around saying 'My birthday' all night!!) We were trying to leave around 7:30 so that we could pick up Danny and Sara by 8 and get on the road. Guess where Goofy was at 7:30.

Yep. Sound asleep!!
And he wouldn't even look at Danny when we got out there! We stopped at a Sheetz for a breakfast snack and he was walking with his back towards Danny. Of course that meant he had to walk sideways since I was beside Danny and holding Goofy's hand! But he didn't care. I ended up having to carry him because he was tripping himself. But he made up inside Sheetz. Know why? Danny bought him peanut M&M's!! (He even let Danny pick him up several times at the Aquarium!)

This was one of his favorite things. He drug me over to it. He HAD to see it. There were several of these big tube things. They didn't even hold fish! Just bubbles!

Nemo and his Dad are in this tank. He refused to leave this window for the longest time. He kept saying Nemo. I finally had to get Rod, who had already moved on, to come back and help! (I didn't want to be the mean bully on his birthday!)

He liked this green snake. He kept pulling at the door and saying "Open". This could spell trouble for later years if he really was that happy about seeing a snake. (I'm hoping it was something else that caught his eye!) The answer will always be a very very very very very very loud NO if he happens to ask for one as a pet!!

This is not a dead fish. When I first saw it, from the angle we were at, it looked like a floater. I asked Rod and he gave me that look. You know, the 'did you really just ask that?' look.

The sharks were AWESOME!!!!!!! (They're my favorite from this aquarium) Goofy's favorite seemed to be the stingrays. He kept going back to those several times.

The goofball children.
Rod and Danny doing their thing. And Rod didn't smoke at all!! Danny does smoke and Rod's been smoking more because of being with him. BUT--Rod set July 1 as his stop smoking date and he has stuck to it!! YAY!!