Sunday, February 21, 2010

Because I Can!

I have the puppy. I have a camera. I have a blog. Add those together....and you get PICTURES!!!

The TV really fascinates her! (Good thing considering where she'll be living!)

REALLY likes that TV!

More Doggie

This is Lyla. She's one of the adult dogs that just lives in the house. She came out to say hi to us when we first got there.

Goofy was having some jealousy issueswith me takign pics of the dogs and not him! That's Ms. Noname behind him.
I found the better picture of the Daddy.

Ms. Noname already went visiting. She got oohed and aahed over.

On the way home from the kennel.

Another New Addition!

So another new addition is headed to our family! the extended family. We went to Richmond today and picked up a new Rottweiller for Grandma! I may have to do another post cause I'm not sure I have th eright pics up here this time! (Plus, I might as well take a bunch of pics while we are in possession of the unnamed dog.)

The dog furthest to the right is the puppy's Dad.
This is the new unnamed puppy.

This is the sister to the one we got. She was sold today, too.

And this is just one of the big dogs that wanted his picture taken.
Yep. I'm going to have to try again cause I know there is a better picture of the Daddy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Winter 'Wonderland'

We've gotten just a little bit of snow this past week. (Enough snow to make this the #1 winter for snowfall in HISTORY!) We have a really cool icicle thing going on by my bedroom window.

There's a trampoline there...somewhere!
But, let's go see how things are on the front of the house.

Last time I looked, this stuff was supposed to be ON the house. Not on the ground!! Oh, and the base of the column used to be straight! A little more force and I'm thinking I could have lost my entire porch!

These are the ice chunks that landed on the porch.

And this is Goofy yelling at me and Dippy to get inside the house. Not sure why he was mad, but he was very upset with us for being outside!
On the bright side, did you notice the blue sky and the sunshine in the pictures? We haven't seen those for a few days! It would just be nice if my house were still standing when all of this is over!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking for New Posts?

Please scroll down past the Relay For Life post. I want the Relay one to stay on top, so I'm posting new pics below the Relay post.

Relay For Life

It's time for us to start our fundraising for the Relay for Life!! Our Relay is being held this year on May 15 and 16. My idea this year is to try and sell the Luminaries that they line the track with. The Luminaries are in honor of, or in memory of, someone who has or had cancer. They are only $10 each. They get placed around the track during the day on Saturday, and then in the evening, after the Survivor events, they are lit.

This is a picture of one from last year. (It is in memory of our Team Captain's grandma.)

The picture isn't that great of the Luminaries, but you can sort of see how they line each side of the track, and as you walk you can read the names on each of them.

If you're interested in buying a Luminarie for someone, or making any kind of donation, just click here and you'll go straight to my page on the relay site!

Thanks for any contribution you can make to our team and the American Cancer Society!!!

New Snowman

We built a new snowman yesterday! :)