Sunday, June 17, 2012

George Gets a Home

I guess George the Bunny is staying with us.  Forever.  Rod got to spend Father's Day building George an outside home.
 It gave Dippy something to do.
 George finally got to go outside to play.
 The little guys like going inside the pen, too.

 Poor Stella really, really wanted to play with George.  Or eat him.  But I'm going to say play.
 Widget attacking his Daddy with power tools.

Goofy Hulks Out :)

My cute, little Goofy.

Goofy starts to 'Hulk out'

 Then becomes........THIS.......

Friday, June 15, 2012

8th Grade Semi Formal

Yesterday was all about the Dippy!!  First his graduation and then his semi formal.  We were almost in shock that he actually wanted to go!  He even went with someone.  But I was NOT allowed to take pictures.  I was allowed to have a picture of the flowers he got (OK, I helped a in, I ordered them, paid for them, and picked them up!)  and I got a picture of his ticket.

 THEN......when we went to pick up Anna.  Her Dad made them take pictures.  A LOT of pictures!!!  Rod and I laughed almost aaalllllll night over that!!  The one kid we have who hates to have his picture taken, takes a girl to the dance whose Dad is a professional photographer!!!!!  :D

When we took her back home after the dance, her Dad gave us this photo framed!!  When Dingy first saw it, she said, "Is he actually smiling?"  We NEVER get pictures of him smiling!!!! 

Dippy's 8th Grade Graduation

Yesterday was Dippy's graduation from middle school.  Nect year, he moves on up to high school.

He looked over at me ONE time.  I just happened to be able to snap a photo.  He never looked over again.  He told me later that he saw me, and knowing where I was, he purposely never looked again!  That darn kid and not wanting his picture taken!!!

 That's the crowd of people that left their seats and stood in front of others to get a picture of their kid crossing the bridge.  There is a teacher there trying to tell them all to sit down and stop crowding the bridge.  They all pretty much ignored him. 
 Dippy getting his certificate.
 And then......a police officer had to come in and TRY to get the parents to get out of the way!
 And this is the guy that stood up right in front of me.  I was on the top of the bleachers, and I know this guy had a good enough view from his SEAT!  And when he took his video, his arm blocked the ENTIRE bridge!!!  Luckily Dippy had already crossed, so I was just chilling in my seat anyway. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dingy Gets Her Braces

Dingy finally got her braces on today.  Green and pink.  Aren't they lovely? 

And as I was taking her picture, I hear, Eh, Eh, from down below her.  I looked down and had a cheesing Widget!  He NEEDED his picture taken, too!!

Meet George

This is George.  Why George?  Dippy came up with it!  I allowed it because he keeps calling the baby Steve, and I said I am not naming the baby Steve!  (Not that there's anything wrong with the name Steve.  It's just not one of my top choices.)  Rod caught this guy in our yard yesterday morning.  We've been trying to find it's home, but no luck yet.  Widget is completely in live with him.  And Sara would like to eat him.  :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Little Guy

So.....about 2 and 1/2 years ago, or so, I made a post announcing the impending arrival of the FINAL Kirkpatrick/Ferringer baby.  Well......I LIED!!!  Apparently, another little guy wanted to join our strange, messed up family.  And it looks like he would like to come sooner rather than later.  He now has a due date of September 11, but with a scheduled C-section, he will be here a week before that. 

We had a sonogram done yesterday and found out that everything looks good and he sems to be growing fine.  They did more technical looking organs and everything....then they did getting me cute pictures!  Hopefully next month I'll get some better photos.  Maybe the technician didn't know how much I like taking pictures and posting pictures!! 

Here's his little foot.  (Which really looked like it was attached to frog legs)
 And here's a little face.  You can see his eye, then a whitish line.  That's his arm.  He kept covering his face.  I guess he's going to be like Dippy for having his picture taken!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thanks, Grandma!

Widget's new wagon.

 He didn't want Goofy getting in with him.
 And where did he go?  Ran over to his stroller!! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Widget's Birthday

 Birthday lunch cook out.
 Awesome beach cake
 This mad face?  Grandma almost DROPPED his cake!!!!!!
 The worried look?  He saw Dippy lighting his cake on FIRE!!!

 Licking the icing off the candles.

 Forks are for sissies!!!!