Friday, October 31, 2008

Goofy's Art

Here's Goofy art from school today. He made a face on the little pumpkin and decorated his goodie bag. He had a bag of fruity snacks and a cupcake in the bag. He must not know that, cause the cupcake is still there! (He ate the fruiy snacks in the car in line at the bank.)

Goofy's Halloween

We finally made it in to preschool with NO tears!! YAY!! (Hopefully he will come out the same way.) He wore his Halloween shirt to school. Look how cooperative he was for his picture to be taken! He sat for a long time with his eyes shut--His form of hiding from me.

Do you see the vacuum in the background? Dumbledork is the one who ran it! WOW! He actually knew how it worked and everything!

It Was Nice Knowing You, Dumbledork

I made Dumbledork go to my blog this morning. I had set up the Halloween post yesterday to post this morning. I just wanted to make sure it came up right. Dumbledork clicked on it and saw the witch in the corner. He asked, "How'd your Mom get in on here?" I was horrified as I would NEVER talk about my Mom that way! (Ok, I really laughed my head off, then said I am sooo telling on you!)

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween may not be high on my list of favorite holidays, but someone in the family apparently likes it! Here are some pics Aunt Una sent us. Hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween!

I love the eyes!

Toots kind of scares me in this picture!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Fair

Dippy's school had family night for their book fair today. This is how I found Dippy after we got home.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Three Hooligans

Well, there they are. The three little hooligans. Or should I say Characters? (As Dingy's past teacher called the older two.) I am also hearing that word quite a bit around Goofy. Still not sure how to take it....Still wondering what she meant by them being "such characters that I just had to meet them."

Don't look at the pictures too closely. This is going to be what they all wear for their Christmas pictures, too! Which I did manage to somewhat arrange today. We're going a much cheaper route this year than our normal Sears trip, but I think we are going to have better pictures. I think we are going to have them more relaxed and have their true smiles. (As in, the second picture of Dippy and the first of Dingy here.)

Grandma's New Washer

There it is. Grandma's new washer. I didn't get to play with it. She said I could in a past post, but she didn't let me when I was there.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Dingy is a Weirdo

We're going to go back a year. Grandma keeps bugging me about putting some pictures on the blog. (Even though I told her SEVERAL times, I have no new pictures.) So I am going back to last summer. It fits in with my 'Dingy is a Weirdo' series. This is how Dingy opens a can of spaghetti o's.

How she managed to get it all over her face AND neck, I have no idea! Like I have said before, Dingy is a Weirdo!

MAYBE It's Working....

OK. Is there anyone out there? I THINK I have the comments working again. Maybe. I can post a comment from here. (But I am also signed in as the author of the blog.....Hey, Look Mom, I'm a published author!!) Can you post anything?

And Melanie, maybe try to keep some of the oozing sarcasm on your own side of the computer! :)

Melanie Broke It!

MelanieWelanie from Fodder For Conversation broke my blog!! For some reason we cannot post comments to my blog anymore. She emailed this morning to tell me there was a problem. Then I tried from my computer, because, yes, I was thinking it was a problem on HER end not mine! I can post comments on her blog. Is anyone able to comment here? I think it was her dripping sarcasm! I think she oozed it on my blog and broke it!

Also, I can say anything I want right now as she cannot come on and defend herself! :)

Try posting a comment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dippy Eats Out

Why does it take Dippy so much longer than anyone else in the family to finish his meal? Because he never learned "Don't play with your food!"

Yes, those are his fries.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dippy's Gonna be in Trouble Now!

I can't make this picture any bigger! I took it using Dingy's camera on her phone. Hopefully you can kind of see the shirt Dippy is holding. We took the kids shopping for new clothes for the wedding next weekend. Dippy grabbed this shirt out of the bin and claimed, "I'm going to be Grandpa!"
(Grandma....Make sure he sees this before we get up there!)

More Cuteness

MelanieWelanie sent me some emails that she still had hanging around her inbox. They were so cute, I thought I would share them here. (I haven't gotten any new pictures of my hooligans lately, so we'll go back a little.)

And my favorite....Get ready to be weak from his cuteness!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Goofy's Art

Goofy had an art project hanging on the wall at his preschool today. He was supposed to point at it, but something else caught his eye, and of course that was more important than my picture!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Been Reading Comments?

Have you been reading the comments left under my posts? In case you've missed it......I don't think Mom and Dad have any water at their house. It sounds as if someone is getting a little crabby over it, too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Trick Or Treating This Year

I don't get to/have to go trick or treating this year. Not sure if that is a Boo or Yay moment. It saves me a little bit of money, so yay. Dippy got invited to a Halloween party/sleepover for that night. Goofy is afraid of all of the masks. We decided it wouldn't be worth it to dress him up to go beg for candy at the neighbors' houses if he's afraid the whole time. I think Dingy is going to go with a friend. I'm not sure the plans are written in stone yet, though. I'm thinking that Dumbledork and I will take Goofy and hide out in our room watching TV. It will save me money not buying the candy to pass out. And save me pounds gained from not eating all of the candy that I buy to pass out. I always seem to buy the candy I really like. Plus I learned from my Mom that even candy you don't really like is still candy! Eat it!

No Bones

There's no new Bones tonight. Stupid sports! I have to go a whole WEEK with no new episode to watch! Pushing Daisies IS on, though, so I still have that for tonight. But it isn't as good as Bones. Stupid Sports.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are You Bored?

So are you bored with looking at that video of Dingy? It seems the blog hasn't been updated for quite awhile. Someone needs to get on the ball and get some more pictures taken! I don't have any pictures from this weekend. I can't post any pictures of Melanie cause then she'll post embarrassing pictures of me, and then, well, you can see how that could get ugly.

I'll see what I can do about getting some new pictures or videos on here soon. We've been super busy lately that I haven't had much time to be on the computer at all. This week, we have something EVERY evening! Next week is shaping up to be just as busy with a TRIPLE booking next Wednesday! We have a Boy Scout Troop meeting (we are visiting a Troop that Dippy may join) and that's at the same time as his guitar lesson, (By next Wednesday, Dippy needs to have learned how to be in two places at one time.) and at the same time, I am supposed to help at a Join Scouting Night for our Cub Scout Pack. I'll let you know if we manage all three places. (I'm placing my money on Dippy only making it to one of his things.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dingy's Going to be MAD!!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Mean But Funny

Goofy and Dippy were playing with sidewalk chalk last night. (Goofy is just anxiously waiting for Dippy to get home from school so they can draw some more, too!) Dippy drew this and was extremely happy with himself. It's a picture of Dingy. At the end of the driveway. So that we run her over when we leave or come in! He was giggling so much about it he could barely tell me what he drew!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Let's All Say Ahh..

Look how cute! I was going through my emails and this was still there. From 2000. It's the oldest email I saved.
Doesn't she look so cute and sweet. (We all know better NOW!)

More Baby

Here's more pictures of the new baby. At least this time someone is holding her! However, why is she uncovered? Y'all live in the Arctic! Give her a blanket for Pete's sake.

Thanks, Tucker. At least YOU try to keep her covered!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm Confused

I don't get it. They close at 10, but lock you out at 9?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You Did That How?

After school yesterday, this is what I see. It didn't come out real well because I had to use my phone to take the picture. Can you see the bruise on his chin? (It really stood out when I saw him in person.) I asked what he did to his chin and he said he hit it on his dresser. HOW? Then he said he tripped off his ladder and hit it on the dresser. OK. Maybe.......but look at these OTHER pictures I have.
Here is the bed and the ladder.
Here is the dresser. Can you see how far apart they are?
Here's another picture from the room to try to show the distance between the two objects.
So really Dippy, What in the heck were you doing????

Please Explain This to Me!

I was sitting here going through my regular morning of answering emails and checking the many blogs I must follow on a daily basis. Goofy had crawled up on my lap to look, too. He found a pen on the desk and proceeded to jab it in my EYE!! My eye HURTS and this is HIM! Why is HE crying?? I didn't even yell at him. (I did yell OUCH..but it hurt!)

Trail Mix --GOOD

Dumbledork bought a tin of Trail Mix from Dippy's popcorn sale. I think he got one handful before Goofy claimed it as his own! He has been munching this stuff since yesterday morning. It's all he had for lunch yesterday. And what he had for breakfast this morning. The little snot dug out all of the M&M's, too! (That's MY job!! I only got a few before he stole them all!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"That Was Yesterday"

We made our weekly trek to Staples. Dippy had his guitar lesson and asked me if I could take him to Staples after he was done. Both kids asked me for something from Staples in the past few days. (I still cannot remember what Dingy asked for.) On our way over, Dippy asked (told) me not to go to Staples without him. To which I was forced to answer, "I can't, cause I don't remember what you need!" By the time we got to the Music store, I remembered he had asked for a pencil sharpener. When I told him I remembered.....He replied, "Yeah, but that was yesterday." WHAT? Does that mean we figured out something new to need for today?

He did buy an electric pencil sharpener. And mechanical pencils. I'm sure the lady looked at us funny.

Newest Family Member

Here she is! Addisson Paige was born yesterday. So now Natasha can tell Grandma that while she doesn't waddle anymore, Grandma's still old!

Why is no one holding the baby? There's grandparents and great grandparents around! PICK HER UP!!

Dingy's Happy----For Now

She got everything her little heart wanted yesterday. That should keep her happy through......well, today. She wasn't thrilled about getting glasses, but there was a BIG "WOW" when she put them on. (I guess she didn't realize what she wasn't seeing clearly!) And then she got her phone. Although I am sure you know this as she has called EVERYONE in the world with it already! I have a feeling this first bill is going to have some overages on it. Her and I share the minutes on my plan. (I don't think I WANT to share with a preteen!)