Thursday, August 28, 2008

Funny Video

Things You Don't Say To Your Wife - Watch more free videos

I think I have heard Dad say at least one of these.

Set Your DVR'S!

All new Bones episode Tuesday night! New shows are coming! It's the best part of the fall! So don't forget, Bones is all new Wednesday night. It's a 2-HOUR special!

Pushing Daisies comes back in October. I'll keep you posted for the exact date. I haven't heard yet if they renewed Reaper. If so, that would be THREE shows renewed that Dumbledork and I actually agree on.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Popcorn, Popcorn, Popcorn

We need help selling popcorn! Dippy is trying to reach $2500 in sales! This is the first year he has set a goal, and I want to see him meet it! He has already walked around one neighborhood and we are getting ready to go out again. If anyone wants to help him out, the popcorn order form can be found at Thanks for any help (and to those who have already ordered).

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So for lunch he had ketchup, and for dinner he has butter. Sounds like a well balanced diet.

Goofy Being...Well... Goofy

I took him to Wendy's. All he ate was this cup of ketchup. Oh, and some fries he stole from Dippy and Dingy. Yes. He had his own order of fries. He just finds fries off of other people's plates better.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Popcorn's Here

The little popcorn shipment came in today. I'm not sure where we are going to store the BIG shipment when it comes. It's not too late to order more if you want any. We're selling til November!

Aunt Una, yours is on it's way to PA with Grandma.
MelanieWelanie, you'll have to come pick yours up! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Apologies to Rhonda?

After looking at the pictures again from yesterday, I just have to wonder if I need to send apologies to Rhonda. It seems some of these pictures were taken from pretty close. And possibly in the way? I wonder how easy it was for Rhonda to color Dippy's hair with Grandma RIGHT THERE.

Sorry Dippy

I was told that I used the wrong picture for the 'bloody porcupine'. I'll try to get it right this time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Dippy Stays at Grandma's

This is what happens when my kid goes to his Grandma's house. She takes him to the hairdresser!
And they do THIS!
Dippy told me this looks like a bloody porcupine.

I'll get to see the final product better in person this weekend. Now Dingy's mad cause she wants HER hair in funky colors.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! Dingy picked the song off to the side just for you!

I won't say you're old now. You were old LAST year!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bill

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Sad

This is just sad. Dingy wanted applesauce for supper at Grandma's house. Grandma had no 'store bought' apples. She gave Dingy a pan and told her to go get apples from the driveway. That grossed out Dingy. She asked, "You want me to get them off the ground?" Yes, Dingy. Then she wanted one to eat. Grandma told her to go out and get one and eat it. "You mean, I can just walk out there and pick an apple and eat it?" Yes, Dingy. Those 'store bought' apples grow on trees, too! Just sad. I'm raising what you'd call 'city kids'.

Dingy's Mean!

We went on a walk after supper tonight. Dingy wanted to try the route that Dippy and I had done that almost killed me a couple of weeks ago. We were about three quarters of the way and my legs said no more. I told Dingy I was done and that she was going to have to run home and get the car. She wouldn't do it! So then I said, Ok, run home, grab a water bottle for me, and run it back here. She wouldn't do that either! The last little bit of our walk is always uphill. She wouldn't even give me a piggy back ride. She's really mean! (and I did make it home.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movie Week

Seen it.
Seen it. (Would gladly see it again. and again. and again. and again. and, well, I think you get the picture.)
Seen it.
That makes my movie quota for the year. The kids can come home now.

Dumbledork Day

I have declared this Dumbledork Day. Most of these are from his family reunion last weekend.

Dumbledork and his Bingo prize!

Enjoy the video. He shows us all why he IS Dumbledork! I missed my chance to get him coming down the big slide. I had my camera ready for a picture when I SHOULD have had it ready for a video. I was even laughing too hard to get the picture. But if you see him soon, ask him about the static electricity that builds up in those slides.
I'm not sure what Goofy is thinking (maybe hoping he is adopted?) but he is just watching Dumbledork on that swing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dingy and Toots

A couple more pics that I wanted posted of the cousins. We had a nice one of Dingy and Toots that didn't fit in with my earlier escapades of trying to get that group shot.

Those Characters Again

Dingy has a friend who has 9 brothers and sisters. Yes, there are 10 kids in the family. Her Mom also has a blog, and she posts pictures of all 10 of them. Together. In on picture. Sitting nicely. I'm only working with FOUR! This is what I get!

Where'd Goofy go?
Oh, there he is. Poor Toots. I think she may have been tackled.

More of All Four

Oh, look, Goofy WANTS to look at the camera.
The better picture of the boys, but a little too much cheese from the girls.

I think this is about as good as we're going to get!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

First, we cleaned my parents basement and water proofed it. Grandma even made little Goofy help!

THEN, we tackled the sewing/laundry/computer room. It used to be called my bedroom. (Until about 5 minutes after I moved out.) This is what was there when I got to their house last week.

This is what it looks like now. And hopefully still does! I have been gone for almost 24 hours now, so who knows what it is back to looking like!

After seeing all the piles and stacks, I think I need to say to my Mommy:
Mirror mirror on the wall
I am my mother after all!
(I do believe there is more Granny in you than you want to admit!)

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering what my own house looks like. Cause obviously it is spotless and organized if I am doing this, right? WRONG! Try looking at the before pictures of the room above and you will get an idea of my whole house!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Toots the Poser

I thought Dingy and Goofy were posers. They're nothing compared to their cousin! I got the three of them here in a group. Then she wanted more.
After this shot, she had to come over and see what it looked like. Then she says...Now like this
And she posed differently. And then needed to see what that picture looked like.
Good thing she's adorable!

She Needs a Dog, Aunt Una

Did you see Sara's nose under the door? This is where Toots is a LOT when Sara is there. (Grandma Dao is allregic to dogs, so Sara stays in the basement when she comes up.)

I CAN post pictures!

I had a lightbulb moment! I don't need that cable to connect the camera to the computer. Right over there......can you see where I'm pointing? It's right over there. It's a slot to put my memory card from the camera right into the computer! I was able to download the pictures I wanted from this weekend. Oh, and Grandma, I put about 250 pictures on your computer last night. Enjoy.

It's COLD!!

What the heck? Isn't it August? Did I sleep through a month? It is FREEZING. Why did I decide to visit the Arctic during my nice, warm Virginia summer? I'm missing the sunshine and heat to be here in the freezing cold. It hasn't been over 70 degrees since I got here. My feet have been cold since Saturday morning! And Mom wonders why I don't visit more often. Want to know why? Cause I don't enjoy SHIVERING! I was concerned that I didn't pack tank tops for the trip. HA! I should have been more concerend that I didn't pack my winter jacket!

Monday, August 11, 2008

No Pictures

I was ready to post a few pictures from the weekend. I have enough new pictures for at least three new posts. (Probably even more.) BUT, when I went to transfer the pictures from my camera to my Mom's computer......I found out I didn't bring my cable with me! I thought I had it. I even saw it in my suitcase. It was really the CHARGER for my camera. So no new pictures til I get home. And I can't get home til the room is done. And SOMEONE isn't helping. SOMEONE has been returning things to the middle of the room and leaving them! SOMEONE said they would empty the clothes basket and it is not only not empty it looks FULLER!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dingy's Mad.....Again

Dingy was babysitting tonight and I bought some school supplies without her. She's mad. She told me that I knew she wanted to pick out all of her own stuff. This child has been bugging me for three weeks to buy school supplies. I did know she would want to pick out her own things, but regardless of if she was with me or not, she was getting THESE notebooks. I went to Staples with Dippy while Dumbledork was in his guitar lesson. They had a 5 pack of notebooks for 30 cents! 30 CENTS! For 5 notebooks! Both kids got one of those packs. And I found composition books that were 2 for 50 cents. They even had 2 pocket folders that were..........wait for it.............FREE! You could get up to 10 for FREE! Dippy got some of those. I didn't get for Dingy cause I didn't know how many she needed and I figured she wanted ones with pictures on them. The last time I went to Staples, I got a pack of pencil top erasers for a nickel, and a ruler thingy for a nickel. The week before that I got an 8 pack of pencils for a PENNY! I was only allowed to buy two packs at that price, though. But still, 16 pencils for 2 cents is not bad at all. If I keep going to guitar lessons with Dumbleork, I might get these kids all ready for school without breaking the bank!

All Three of Them Are Idiots!!

I think I finally understand what Dingy's fourth grade teacher told me. When I had a parent/teacher conference for Dingy during her fourth grade year, her teacher said something that I did not know how to take. She told me that she had met Dingy and Dippy the year before. She told me that she saw the two of them in the school yard after school and that they were "such characters, she just had to meet them." I have never really known how to take that. Characters? Is that good? Did they make her smile? Or is it a nice way of saying they were behaving like hooligans? Was she glad she had Dingy in her class, or had she wanted to meet her to know who to try to avoid?

Well, today I saw the little characters in full swing. I was trying to get some pictures of two quilts that Melanie made for Kirk. She started a quilting blog and is going to post pictures of quilts that she makes and quilts that her friends make. I wanted the kids to hold up the quilts so I could get a nice shot, and I told them I did not want to see them. It was strictly to show the quilts. This is what I got.

Yes, even Goofy had to get involved!

Can you see Goofy? He kept peeking out from UNDER the quilt!
And here's what happens when I ASK for a picture. He had been standing at my feet and I asked him to give me Cheese Face. He took off RUNNING!!