Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dingy Babysits

Dingy babysits a lot like her Grandma!!!  She 'says' he did it himself!  Right, Dingy!

Our Funny Car Ride

Rod and I went over to the Verizon store this morning.  His phone did something funky and wouldn't turn on.  The guy at the store said he had never seen the error message before.  Leave it to Rod to be the first to mess up a phone THAT bad!!  Luckily, the phone is under warranty, so all is well there.  Anyway, on the way over, Rod was driving along and said, "I smell mustard."  Really?  That's not exactly something you hear people say everyday.  I remembered that he had a ham sandwich for beakfast.  I said, "It's probably from your breakfast.  You probably dripped mustard on your shirt."  Then for the heck of it, I looked at him.  I WAS SO RIGHT!!!  Look at that!!  A big ol' glob of mustard right on the front of his shirt!!!  Just can't take him anywhere! 

I have a video of him trying to wipe it off before we got out of the car.  He didn't find this whole incident as funny as I did, though.  He yelled, then swore at me.  I was going to post it anyway just so his Mom would hear how he talks to me EVERY DAY, but I decided that kind of language doesn't belong on the blog! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Widget Giggles

Well, our trip to Grandma's has gone from being postponed to being cancelled.  Rod has had to work all week AND go to the dentist THREE times!!!  Now he's getting the sore throat that's going around.  So I guess we're going to try to do our Christmas trip later in January.  To cheer eeveryone up.....cause I know you're all disappointed you won't be graced with our presence....Widget made a video for you.  Enjoy.

In the middle of this, I think he saw my camera and stopped to wait for the flash! 

He decided he didn't need his Daddy.  He can entertain himself!

For MelanieWelanie

MelanieWelanie bought us games for the Wii.  We can connect through the internet and play together, too.  It's pretty cool.  And addicting!  Dingy and I each have a character on the game and Goofy would go in and play as me.  One day I decided to make him his own character so he could play and I wouldn't have to worry about him spending my 'money' or rearranging my house.  (Which he did quite frequently!)  Anyway, one day, I was watching him play and he did this rolling thing, which I videoed to send to Melanie, but it was too big to send as a text so she never saw it.  Then, a couple of days ago, I was playing with Melanie.  She got on a bed and did the EXACT SAME THING!!!! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dippy Opens the Soda

We had to postpone our trip to Grandma's house.  Again.  I had no food in the house since I was planning on leaving by today.  So we went out and bought a bunch of junk food!  (I did buy some stuff to make dinner stuff, too.)
Anyway, I asked Dippy if he could put a few cans of soda in the fridge.  He did.  Then I turned to see THIS on the table!! 

 They have easy open tabs!!!!  It looks like a dang bear got the boxes and ripped them open!!! 

Making Snow

Santa brought Goofy snow making stuff in his stocking. 

The video isn't in focus very well.  But you can watch it 'grow'. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Widget was very excited about the 'stuffed' stockings this morning.  He pointed and smiled and even climbed up on the chair to try to get to it!

 Look!  The teenagers are BOTH smiling!!!
 A happy Widget with a couple of the things from his stocking.
 Goofy with some of his loot.
 Even the puppies got some presents.
 Dippy took time out from playing with his new things to build Widget's toys for him.

 The favorite present.

 Widget 'patiently' waiting for Dippy to finish his toy.

Dingy's Christmas Adventure

Dingy had a little Christmas adventure this morning.  Santa left her a card on the tree this morning.  The card told her that she was going to have a little Christmas morning fun.  To find her gift, she had to follow the clues on the cards.  The first card sent her upstairs to the coat closet.  The clue in the coat closet told her to go to her parents' bedroom.  There, the clue told her that her present might be in or near her puppy's pen.

 By Sara's pen, we found this gift bag.  Inside was a nicely wrapped box.
 And inside the pretty little box......

 Another clue!!!  She wasn't thrilled about that!  The clue said that it was funny how she thought that was going to be her gift!  :)  It sent her back upstairs to our linen closet.  There her clue said, Silly girl.  Why are you running all over the house?  The present is under the tree!! 
 Under  the tree was this big box.

 With this smaller box inside.
 With this even smaller box inside that!  I think she was beginning to think it was just another clue. 
 Awww...she finally found it.....
 Her new iPhone she has been wanting. 
 And what we will se of her from now on!!! 

Dippy's Wrapping

Dippy wrapped a present for his Dad.  He MADE his own wrapping present.  He drew that design all over the package.

 Then he made a funny.  This little box was inside the bigger box.
 But when he opened it, this is what Rod found.......

Thanks, Grandma Dao and Grandpa Gary!!

Thanks Grandma Dao and Grandpa Gary from Kirk!!  The game in his left hand, he has been wanting for months!  He was most excited about seeing that present out of everything he got this morning. 
 Widget says thanks, too! 

More Christmas Eve

Many years ago, we started taking the kids to see a movie on Christmas Eve.  Then, when Goofy was around 1 and 1/2, Rod ended up sitting in the car with him.  The next year, we didn't even attempt the movie.  We had just gotten back into it when Widget came along.  We decided we would give it a try tonight.  We went to the 9:00 showing of Arthur Christmas.  We were hoping that it would be late enough that he would just sleep.  He's also not been feeling great, so we gave him some Motrin before we left, too.  (A little extra sleep aid)  We got off to a good start.

 See the paci in his mouth? Yeah, that's the last time it was seen. 
 Even without a paci, the movie went rather smoothly.  There were only two other groups of people in the theater.  Once we all got settled down with all of our snacks and potty breaks over and getting Widget to understand that he could only walk in front of us and not run up the stairs, we were able to watch the movie.  At first, Widget was a little fidgety and walked around.  Then he laid down under the seats that Dippy and Dingy were sitting in.  I really thought he was going to fall asleep there!  Then he crawled up in Dingy's lap and and ate some candy and drank some soda.  He finally ended up on my lap.  He ate some more candy, drank some more soda, and went to sleep.  With no paci!  I wasn't sure how that would go, but he was great.  He ended up sleeping through about 3/4 of the movie!  Although, he did show his relationship to Grandpa Lyle by snoring loudly!!  He stayed asleep til we put him in the car.  Then he screamed the whole way home.  But who cares?!  He was quiet for the movie.  The WHOLE way home, he screamed.  And Goofy puked.  But I'm still calling it a good night!  (Until I go clean out the car in the morning.  I had to bath Goofy when we got home and I was NOT dealing with the car in the middle of the night when its freezing!!!)

After Goofy's late bath, he put out cookies, milk and carrots for Santa.   Oh, and he baked the cookies himself, too.

He thinks he was a pretty good kid this year, so he's hoping Santa stops.  I guess we'll wait and see!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!!!

It's Christmas Eve!!!  Goofy put the final sticker on his chart tonight.  The star is on the tree!!!!

 Like his nails?  Dingy baby sat for an hour last night.  This is what happens when she is left alone with the little guys.  Widget has his toenails painted. 
 I didn't know his face was so messy until I put the pictures on the computer. 

Friday, December 23, 2011


Not to ruin anyone's Christmas surprise, but Rod picked Mom up a new 'vehicle' tonight!  :)

It's Almost Here!!

According to Goofy's tree, it's almost Christmas!!!!! We've been coutning down all month.  He needs to put on yesterday's, then we have today's, then we can put the gold star on top tomorrow!!!  He's been very good about saving the star for the top of the tree.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


We FINALLY got the kids to see Santa.  I thought we might not make it this year.  AND...I got ALL FOUR of them to go!!!  I didn't really have to bribe Dingy.  I told Dippy I would buy hime a pretzel and he said he wanted two pretzels.  To which I siad, fine.  You can have two.  That's a lot cheaper and easier than I thought it would be!!  We went right after school today.  The kids only had a half day.  I wasn't sure how busy the mall would be in the middle of the day, but we thought we would just go and see what it was like.  IT WAS PACKED!!!!!  Holy crap it was BUSY!!!  Here's the line to see Santa.  Can you see waaaaaaay up on the left there are the red ropes?  Once you waited that long, then you had the red rope maz to go through!!  We waied for about an hour.  Widget got a little antsy and we had three different potty breaks, but we made it with very few complaints.  I am soooo glad we didn't wait for Rod.  He would not have been a happy camper today.  

 But the wait was worth it.  Widget is not a fan of Santa's.  I still like the picture.  We have three but he is screaming and crying in the other two!  :)

Burning Down the House

I didn't make a post on Rod's birthdya, but we did celebrate it!  He went to PA on his birthday, I think to get away from his burning cake.  So we just waited and had his birthday dinner and cake a day late.  It took two WHOLE packages of candles to do his cake this year!!  And it was HOT and BRIGHT in the kitchen!!

 Dippy was lighting too slowly, so Rod had to light some of his own candles.  It really takes a while to light that many! 

 Look at the light its putting off!  It looks like a campfire on the table.