Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Halloween Pics

We went trick or treating tonight with some of our friends.  Dingy was sick and stayed home.  Dippy was too cool to go with us and the little kids, so he went down the road to a friend's house. 

Tripp was Batdog.

 Widget with his head actually on!!  It didn't last long. 

 Our crew at the door.  ALL those kids were with us.
 Widget walked for a little while.  He's carrying Goofy's sword.  
 Rod made him go to a lot of houses.  I think ROD wanted lots of candy!!

 Dippy came home shortly after we did.  He just mad a pitstop to grab his phone.  He said his friend wanted him to take a picture of his box costume.  I heard 'friend' and 'wanted picture' and I was out the door!! 

Preschool Halloween Parade

Today was Goofy's Halloween Parade and Party at school. 
 He would NOT smile for me.  He knew I was standing there trying to get a picture. 
 I LOVED this little girl's costume!!  She was a traffic light!!!  I might insist that the kids make their own costumes next year.  There were so many repeat costumes there today,
 They sang some songs for us.  Goofy actually participated!!!!  This was the first time I had seen him sing and dance along with his class.

 He didn't smile but he did wave good-bye to me!!  Bye -bye Goofy!!!!!

Widget's New Shirt

I thought it would be easier to read this if I took  picture when he wasn't wearing it.  I saw this and knew he HAD to have it!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Tonight was the annual trunk or treat at the church where Goofy's preschool is.  The church always invites the preschool families to their events, so we thought we would go this year.  Thanks to the rain and the cold, we weren't able to be outside. 

They had craft tables set up inside.

 Goofy and Leia are coloring bats.
 JP made a spider.
 Goofy and Ryan making spiders.
 Dippy and Dingy getting ready to sing silly songs.  They had a bunch of Christmas carols rewritten with Halloween lyrics.

 Pin the heart on the skeleton.

 CANDY TIME!!!!!!!
 Dingy walked Goofy around for me while Dippy passed out my candy. 
 Wanda and Nadine went out to collect their own candy because someone was handing out something they really, really like! 
 After candy time, they passed out bags of popcorn and we watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Rod and Widget stayed home.  I wasn't positive that the candy getting would be inside.  I re-read the flier and thought maybe only the movie would be inside.  Rod started getting sick today, and Widget has been working on a cold all week, so they stayed home.  I think Goofy at least had a good time.  I don't know about the older two.

Freaky Birds

We were supposed to get 1 to 4 inches of snow today.  They said the rain would turn to snow around 11:00 am.  Well, it is now 8:54 PM and it is still rain!!  We did look out and see snow every now and then, but there is NOTHING on the ground or the roof tops or anywhere!  But it was very, very cold today while it was raining.  Dippy looked out the back door and saw birds just sitting in the yard.

 It was freaky since it was still raining and it was so cold.  So he decided to go chase them away.

I helped him just a little.  I let Stella out while he was behind the garage.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today's Challenge

Everybody ready for today's challenge??  Today, we're playing, "What did Goofy make at School?"  Cause really.....What is that???? 

 The teacher carried it out to the car for him, and all she told me was it was made out of frosting and marshmallows, so it was all edible. 

Here are your hints (ok.  Not really hints.  Just some things that I know are going on in school that might sometimes help me figure out these things)
It's Fall/Halloween time, so there have been a lot of spiders, scarecrows, leaf, and pumpkin activities.  Their letter of the week this week was 'I'.
If you click on the picture it makes it a little bigger if you think that might help you.

Did everyone make their guess???  Any ideas??  Cause, seriously, this time......I had NO IDEA!!!

Think about it for a minute.   

Ok...the answer's coming......

Are you ready???

So I asked Goofy, What did you make here?  He said marshmallows and frosting.  Well, duh!  But WHY??  It took him about 10 minutes before I heard, 'We were making igloos.'
IT'S AN IGLOO!!!!  Igloo starts with the letter I!!!! 
Thanks for playing.  Maybe we'll have another challenge before too long.

Widget Sleeps

I was watching Widget sleep yesterday.  I think I finally figured out why I always feel so crowded the nights he sleeps in my bed!


He was either trying to get ALL the space he could for himself, or he was doing jumping jacks in his sleep.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dippy's Video

Dippy made a video for us.  He still needs to put some sound on it, but he said I could share it anyway.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Pics

We went to a surpise birthday party Saturday night.  Everyone was to go dressed up......for Halloween, not, like, for church.  (I had to have that explained to me.)

Widget was doing fine with scary decorations, and he even played with stuff at Party City.  Then we went to the Spirit Hallowen store, and he got scared by something there.  Then he was afraid of EVERYTHING!  He doesn't like anyone here putting on masks.  For some reason, he didn't mind Dippy's here.  The only difference from the last time Dippy had put it on......the glasses.  He made a way to wear his glasses over the mask. 

 Widget is the parrot that sits on Pirate Rod's shoulder.  He prefers being a headless parrot. 

Monday, October 24, 2011


I went back and found last year's family photo from the corn maze.  (That way I knew I had the same time of year)  I think the kids may have grown a little in the past year.  Dingy went a couple of inches, but it was Dippy that really seemed to grow the most....I think. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corn Maze

We took the family to a corn maze today.  I made sure I had both my camera batteries fully chaged AND both cameras WITH me!! 

Awww....the corn maze was all mowed down! 
 Just kidding.  That was a different field. 
We had to start on the pedal go-karts.

 Widget with his 'go-kart'.
 We always seem to have a big foot sighting when we go out!  (He said that wasn't nice, but he walks how the shows always says Bigfoot should walk!)
 The HUGE slide!!! 
 It shoots the kids out REALLY fast!!  Dingy landed on the ground the first time!!  I told her she had to go do it again cause I was laughing too hard to take a picture!  Dippy normally stopped himself.  He didn't here, though.

 We don't know if Widget enjoyed it or not, but we made him go down a bunch of times anyway.
 Dingy came out a little fast and I missed most of her!

 A smaller playground slide.

 Inside the corn maze.  They had two mazes, you could do either one or do both.  The kids were tired by the time we finished the Dinosaur one, so we didn't do the Robin Hood.
 We printed a map of the maze from home.  Yes.  We're cheaters.  But we found our way out AND helped another group that had gotten VERY close to the exit but just couldn't find it.

 Widget and Dippy got a little behind.

 Since this was the dinosaur maze, Dingy was being a dinosaur and attacking the corn.  I don't know.  I just wanted a picture and this is what she did. 
 Can you see their lips?  They're making motor sounds for the stroller.  BOTH of them!!

 He's hiding.
 Dippy was helping out. 
 Dingy making her own path.  Otherwise known as CHEATING!!! 

 View from atop the bridge.

 Widget finally got a turn on the Go-karts.  Then he didn't want to go away from them.  He cried and cried when his turn was over.
 So Rod took him back for a spin.

 We even went through a covered bridge.
 Then we saw a HUGE cootie!!  I need to do a google search to see what exactly this was about. 
 This was across the street from the Cootie.
 And this, too!!!  We may need to make another trip out that way to visit these places.