Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Luck

First Day of Deer Season! Good luck. I think. Not sure I should say good luck to killing the cute little deer we were finding all weekend. But, then, if someone doesn't get a deer, we have to listen to the, yeah, good luck!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Poor Dippy

Dippy was so excited this morning. He told us all how his birthday is tomorrow. It's not. We tried telling him that tomorrow is November 30. He honestly did not believe us. Thanksgiving day felt like a weekend day, and I think it messed up his week a little. I had to show him my phone where it said it was Saturday the 29th. I think I ruined his day. :( Sorry Dippy. But your birthday is tomorrow's tomorrow!

Friday, November 28, 2008


We had to stop to see the ice!

Dingy touching the ice.
Dumbledork touching the ice.

Dippy touching the ice.

Goofy touching the ice.

Where's Mommy touching the ice? Didn't happen. Mommy has felt ice before. Mommy knows ice is cold. Mommy was happy taking pictures!

For Dad

This deer was standing right at the edge of the road. (There were a few that were along the road.) And, yes, we were in the car. AND...after we drove past...the deer was STILL standing along the road. Uninjured. Our car was still running fine with no new dents or scrapes, too. So, Dad, it IS possible to see a deer, and NOT hit it with a vehicle.

You should give it a try sometime. :)


We saw a lot of deer while we were driving along Skyline Drive.

And a lot of turkey buzzards enjoying a meal. There's still this one sitting there eating. The rest got scared and went to the trees.

And we even saw this bear. I think I'm glad we saw it while driving and not while hiking!

This is all the closer Dumbledork would get to take a picture. He was thinking it might be a cub and that Momma was on the ground somewhere nearby. My thinking...Another bear to get a picture of. Dumbledork didn't think he could get very good pictures while being mauled. Chicken!

More Hike

This is from an overlook along Skyline Drive.

Thanksgiving Hike

We had beautiful weather for hiking. It was chilly but not too cold. Lots of sunshine.

That was a plant Dippy found that he thought looked like ants stacked up on it.

Doesn't it look like I am way up high? No, I didn't climb a tree. But that would have been a cool idea....

Yes, Daddy shared his water.

This is one of those pictures to print and frame. They're standing together without being told, AND no fists were flying, no rocks were thrown at the other, and no mean words were spoken!

Our Thanksgiving Injury

You always have to have one injury on every major holiday, right? Here's ours for Thanksgiving. Check out the forehead, cheek (red mark AND scratch) and his nose.

After we got him home and warmed and bathed, he looks a lot better. His nose is the worst. And I saw this morning two little cuts on his lower lip.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your big meals, football games and whatever. We'll be out in the mountains hiking!

Normally if we blow off the extended family for a holiday, we go to the Old Country Buffet and a movie. Unfortunately, Goofy is too little to take to a movie. And we can't hardly leave one of us at home to watch him while the others go to a movie on a family holiday! So this year, we came up with a new plan. Three of us are excited to go. The other two will have to get in the mood when we get there. Turkey subs from Sheetz can count as our turkey dinner, right?

Have a great day and hopefully I will have some good pictures to post of our day when we make it home.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yep. It's Dad's birthday, too. Both my Dad and Dumbledork's Mom have the same birthday. (My Dad has just had the day much, much longer!)

I still see this and just wonder, "WHY??" (It's a good thing he lives where it isn't hot too long!)

Have a great birthday. You probably will since your favorite child has already visited and brought you your gift!

Happy Birthday Grandma Dao!

Every picture I have of Grandma Dao has her in the background! I tried getting a couple of pictures this summer when I was taking the pic of all four grandkids together. Everytime I tried to snap a picture she ran! I had blurs of her!

Here her face is blocked by the balloon Dippy is holding.

That's her behind our dingy little Dingy.

Have a great birthday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dippy's Birthday

This is what I want to buy Dippy for his birthday. Not because he's a Star Wars fan. I don't think he has even watched any of the movies. I just want to make him Darth Vader toast in the morning. Then I can hand it to him saying, "Luke, I am your toast!"

But it's $55. I think it might be just a little too much to spend on something just to annoy him every morning at breakfast. Not to mention...$55 for a toaster?

My Bathroom

Here's my bathroom. Pretty, isn't it? This all started back in late February or early March. Dumbledork gutted the entire bathroom. I told him when he started not to take out the toilet unless he would have it replaced in two weeks. I gave him two weeks! I didn't think that was putting too much pressure on him. Well, let's see, if this started in March, and we are now in November, I think he passed the two weeks mark! The next date I was told was the end of April. Didn't happen. Sometime in September I was told it would be definitely be done by Thanksgiving. Does anyone know when Thanksgiving is? Oh, in three days? Who wants to bet this little project isn't finished for Thanksgiving either? Do you know what he IS concerned about? In the office, there is a little gap in the door that is letting cold air in. In the office. Where we don't pay to heat. Meanwhile, there is a gap in the front door of the HOUSE! Where you can feel it every time you walk past the door!

Does this count as the tub being in? It's IN the house. And techincally IN the bathroom.

I found my steak knife! I have been wondering why I only have 3 when I knew I had a set of 4!

Can you see the GRASS? That is a hole through the floor of the bathroom to the OUTSIDE!! It has been getting down to freezing or below overnight and we have a hole this big! (But, yeah, let's worry over a little gap in the door of the office!)

So there's my bathroom. I think I am now resigned to just having one bathroom forever. But at least I do have the other one! Wish I knew a licensed contractor I could hire!

It's Sick :(

At 3:00 this morning I had a baby screaming and Dingy puking. Nice. I couldn't get Goofy to settle down. Finally I turned the TV on and he stopped screaming and watched tv. From 3:00 til 6:00!! AM!! Dingy came over to my room and said she puked. Then she crawled into bed with us and kept leaving to puke some more. Everyone got back to sleep just about in time for me to get up to get Dippy off to school. Goofy and Dingy stayed in bed until somewhere around 10.

Funny Letter

To whom this may concern,
So far today, I think I am doing all right.
I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or self-indulgent. I have not whined, complained, cursed, or eaten any chocolate. I have not charged anything to my credit card.

But, I will be getting out of bed in a minute and I think I will really need your help then.
Sincerely, Me...

No, I didn't write this...I found it. I just thought it needed to be shared!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Set Your DVR'S

Goofy's Hungry!

Does he look hungry? Maybe you should know that I had just started dinner. It wasn't even CLOSE to being ready. The rice wasn't boiling. The veggies weren't cooking. Nothing. I put the plates on the table and he crawled up to eat! I tried telling him it wasn't time, but he sat there anyway.

Friday, November 21, 2008


We went to Long John Silvers for supper. I handed Goofy a fork while we were waiting for our food. Dippy says, "Don't poke nobody with it. It's sharp." I corrected him with, "Don't poke anyone." Dippy needed it explained why he couldn't say it the way he did. So I told him, "don't and nobody are both negative and you can't have a double negative in your sentence." To which he replied, and quite seriously, "But we're from Pennsylvania!"

Goofy's Art

The first girl came out of Goofy's class crying. The teacher said she was mad because she was made to wear her headband. I got my camera ready thinking I would only have one quick chance to get a picture of Goofy. Instead, he wore it all the way to the car! (He matches the blog's background!)

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts. (And to give Grandma something to read until I can get some pictures ready!)

Now Goofy will cry if he thinks he ISN'T going to school. After weeks of crying because we take him, he cried this morning because he thought Dumbledork was keeping him here. We went to school and he marched right into his classroom ready to play!

There are less than 10 days until Dippy's birthday! He still hasn't placed his order for his birthday cake. He scares me sometimes with what he wants to me make. I don't think he understands that I have limited decorating abilities. Last year we did a race car. It wasn't beautiful but he liked it.

Dippy has officially inherited the annoying 'man' gene. Last night we couldn't find one of Goofy's shoes. Dingy was out with a friend so it was just me and three of those people carrying the 'man' gene. I was hunting and hunting. Dumbledork was sitting on the couch with Goofy asking me where I had it last. (Just as a side note...that question NEVER helps!) He did however pick up his feet for me to look under the couch. I thought Dippy was looking downstairs. I went down and he was watching tv down there! He told me he would help but he doesn't know what the shoe looks like. WHAT?? Hey Dippy--If it is a shoe that looks like Goofy's size..That's IT!! We never did find it and Dumbledork went out by himself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Granny!

Happy Birthday Granny!

Mom, please tell Granny her package will be there soon. Dingy's dumb dog delayed its delivery!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Office

I don't have any new pics of kids to post. So enjoy the clip from The Office of the pranks that Jim has pulled on Dwight.

Things That Don't Irk Me

OK. I could have said thing, not things. I filled my car up with gas this morning. For $30!! Gas is now down to $1.74! I looked through my old gas receipts and found a receipt from September when I had put the same amount of gas in my car. I spent $64 then. Yeah, I like today's total MUCH better!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Beat MelanieWelanie

I won! But what exactly did I win? I think I am the proud (?) winner of a Dork-off! I'm not quite sure how it happened. Darn competitiveness and me always having to win! I don't mind winning Scrabble or Guitar Hero (Not that I beat her at either of those very often), but a Dork-Off??
It all started with everyone having a playlist on their blogs. Dingy and her friend each have one. Her friend's Mom has one. (The Mom's is actually very well thought out and the song playing always matches her day's blog post.) And Melanie has one. Well, I found a picture that I was going to post and when I looked at the picture a certain song popped in my head. Dingy showed me where they got the playlists at and set me up an account. I was talking to Melanie on the phone and mentioned the playlist thing. She started it. That's my only defense at this point. She said she was going to put on hers a certain TV show theme song. Not to be outdone, I said I would use a different TV show's theme. We went back and forth until she conceded and said, "OK, you win." In my quest for a win, I think all reason left me and my mind went a little blank. I think I actually won by saying I was going to use the Days Of Our Lives theme. So, yes, everytime you came to my blog, you would hear, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." That's when she handed me the dork title.

I'm thinking for the sake of everyone involved, my blog may stay playlist-less. I'm not sure I am mature enough to have one! However, if she puts on hers everything she said she was going to, you may want to turn your volume off before visiting her blog!

And Melanie.....PLEASE take the dork title back...I don't want it!

(And yes, Mom, I know it is sad that we were arguing using TV shows! I am just living by the words on the mug you gave Dumbledork years ago--'You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.')

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dingy's Day

Dingy FINALLY got her hair cut the way she wanted it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not My Fault!

So you know the pic from last week with stamps all over Goofy's hand? Well check THIS out! This is my TWELVE year old! She did the SAME thing! I had no idea I had to keep HER out of that drawer, too!

Really?? She doesn't know better??

(I really worry about her sometimes.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Want It!

I just saw someone's profile pic that said "Moms. Just like Dads only smarter!"

SOOOOOOOO true! (sorry Dad, only true in THIS house)

What Was I Thinking??

So you know the countdown on my blog here that is counting down til I am outta here? The one that is down to like 23 days or so? Well, that is counting down til my volunteer duties are done at Cub Scouts. As of Dec. 6, I will be DONE! Dec. 6 is the final popcorn delivery day, and also recharter day. I am working on the recharter papers this weekend so I can turn them in to the Cubmaster next week and have that all out of the way. Then I can just wait for the popcorn delivery day, help pick it up, sort it all out, and distribute it. Then I am DONE! WRONG! Looks like I may have to take down the counter! SOMEONE opened their big mouth at the committee meeting last night and was given a new job! It's not a big deal......but I'm already thinking of who I can pawn it off to!

More Christmas Pictures

Here are a couple of more pics from yesterday. This first one, I HAD to order. I was standing behind Nadine trying to get Goofy to look at me and smile. She told him to say something and I think he was informing her that he would NOT be saying anything! (We get this pose from him A LOT! Usually when we are telling him to quit doing something or to shush. He then will look at us and put his finger up and yell something back!)

The hand was still in motion!