Monday, May 30, 2011

Viva Vienna!!!

We were out and about again today!! We must never stay home!!! :) Rod had his company's windows displayed at Viva Vienna. It was a HUGE event, so we went up to see him. It was HOT! HOT! HOT!! The temps were in the 90's with the heat index above 100!!! That kept us from staying too long. Rod didn't want to eat lunch with us and told us to go to a restaurant with AC instead of eating the carny food. So we did. Don't have to tell us twice to go out to eat!! :)

We found a little shade behind Rod's booth.
Dippy's practicing his stalking skills.

And again.

Finally I yelled enough and he joined the family.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dingy at the pumpkin patch last October.
Recreating the scene today at the strawberry festival.

Strawberry Festival

We took another break today to go to the Strawberry Festival!!!

They had a petting farm. With the two cutest little pigs!!
Their names are Thing 1 and Thing 2!! :)

Widget LOVES the petting farm!! Goofy will go in and look around, but he won't pet anything. Ever.

The duck laid an egg in the pool.

First tractor ride. He really liked this. I might have gotten a birthday gift idea.

The obstacle course. Goofy had to follow the little girl. She went MUCH slower than he wanted to go.

Bigger view of the course. Those were the tunnels they went through.

The cupcake walk.

He WON!!!! And on his first try!!!! :D

He tried to knock over the milk bottles with a baseball. He didn't do as well at that, but he did come pretty close.

They did a sack race.

Dingy could have so beaten those other little punks, but she held back to watch out for Goofy.

Goofy's first hay ride. Although, why do they call them hay rides when you sit on STRAW???

The views from the 'hay' ride.

One of the entertainers. We were there during a kids show. Dingy said he wasn't that good, but Goofy was giggling his butt off.

Dingy and Goofy watching the show.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shopping! :)

We took a break from cleaning to take a trip to the mall.

Goofy was refusing to smile for me.

They have a nice little play area.

Digging Holes

Rod dug a couple of holes to build a new fence. (OK. Let's be honest. Rod had his GUYS dig a couple of holes.)

You know Goofy wouldn't miss this oppurtunity!! I think he looks like the Whack a Mole game.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Goofy Goofy

We found out last night that there is a strawberry festival going on this weekend. We were trying to decide if we wanted to go on Saturday or Sunday, so I went online to check the weather. Saturday is supposed to have a chance of thunderstorms. When I went to click on Sunday's weather, I told Goofy to cross his fingers for no rain on Sunday. He did this as he was saying, "no rain. No rain."

Guess I need to teach him how to cross his fingers!!!

Widget the Daredevil

We have been Spring Cleaning around here. I pulled out most of the stuff from the laudry room/storage room. I had 4 tubs of kids' clothes I needed to go through. I have some of Goofy's clothes that I saved for Widget. Plus I have some hand me downs that we're waiting for Goofy to grow into. Soooooo.......I have these tubs sitting in the livingroom until I get it all organized to put it back.

Here's where I found the little Widget.......

He got up there in a matter of seconds!!

He was extremely happy to be up there.

Oh....and let's let go and balance ourself up on this thing when we aren't completly balanced when we're on the FLOOR!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of the Year Picnic

Today was Goofy's end of the year party for his preschool. It was HOT!! I'm totally not complaining though, cause it did NOT rain on us and it's about time we have some warm weather.

That's Goofy chasing Ryan.
Now it's Ryan chasing Goofy....and his hat that Goofy stole and was running around yelling, "I'm never giving your hat back!!!!" (he did, however, give it back...cause I SAID SO!!)

Photobomber Dingy. Do you know how cute that pic of Widget would have been had she not blocked out half his face?!

Arts and crafts time!!!!

Putting 'bees' in their 'hives'.

Dingy was taking pictures. Can you guess why she took this picture?? Yep......Power Puff Girls. We think Dingy actually had THIS shirt, too. We would have donated Dingy's somewhere....wonder if this family picked it up??

EEeeeewwwwwwww.......Sister Kisses!!!!

Plunger painting

Widget even did a painting.

Widget's finished project

Know what happens when you 'plunger paint'??

Your shoes and legs look like this!

And so does the cameraman's!! Her knees were actually worse, but she didn't take a picture of that.
Dingy asked Goofy to smile. Apparently, he didn't understand the request! :)

The preschool grew butterflies from little larva. They released them just before lunch.

Goofy's flower painting

Goofy and Ryan watching the butterflies being released.

Goodbye school year!! See you in the fall.