Saturday, June 29, 2013

Marvel Giggles

Make sure your volume is on for this one.  Sorry it's short.  I was sure I video-ed longer. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

This Kid is Going to be TROUBLE!!

I HAD to video Marvel last night.  He started on the floor.  By himself.  I was merely watching him.  This is where he ended up.  I would have taped a little longer, but it seemed it was time for me to step in.  I did get him before there were any injuries.  :) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Our 'Camping' Weekend

OK, so it was a no camping, camping trip.  We had too many little details not ready for a camping trip, but we had a lot of PEOPLE ready.  So we went to the campground to play, but 'camped' in a hotel room.  For which I am very glad as it rained all night Saturday night!  I don't think I want my first camping trip with Marvel in a tent to be rainy.  Dingy was working and dog sitting, so she wasn't able to go with us this time.

Saturday, it was very cloudy, but we managed around an hour of playtime.  

 I don't know why they're both holding their lips like that.
 Marvel's first time on the beach.

 It was a little chilly, so the only water time Marvel had was with Dippy carrying him.  And yes, Dippy is wearing jeans in the water.

 Widget wouldn't play in the water, but he loved the beach.  He even had new toys for this trip.  He carries his water so carefully.

 This is how Marvel crawls on the beach.  Hands and knees.

 He really seemed to have fun.  Even if he was sitting next to Dippy's stinky shoes.
 This was Widget telling on Cooper for playing with the beach toys.  Widget has claimed any toy he sees, has, likes, touched, or ever thought about...HIS toy.

Rod's really getting into this family time thing.

 If Daddy's not going to pick him up, he'll just climb up himself!
 Widget saw the playground.  It just needed to be used.

 I swear that kid only has that one
 The second day was hotter, so we got out Marvel's new floaty toy,
 He's not real sure about that yet.  I'm betting by the end of summer, we'll see smiles.
 The dark cloud that decided to hang around.  At least it was nice enough to not ruin our day.

 Can you tell he's holding the legs of his trunks up?  He was all upset cause they were wet!

 I think they melted.

We finally did get Widget in the water.  Now we're ready for our next trip.  And maybe it will be a real camping trip.