Friday, December 27, 2013

Scooter Time

The boys both got a scooter for Christmas.  They took them outside yesterday to try them out.....Somewhere other than my kitchen!! 
 It's a good thing he had no speed when this happened!

 I guess the jacket was holding him back.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning

Presents were finally brought out overnight on Christmas Eve.  With little fingers of children and two nosey dogs, we didn't put anything out ahead of time.
 Jerry's gift to Goofy
 And Jerry's gift to Widget

 Dingy finally got her car pet.  :)

 I don't know whose bright idea THIS gift was!!
 And finally a smiling Dingy.
 Rod playing with Dippy's new guitar.  I had to make him put it down the night before so I could wrap it!

 Dippy's new crossbow.
 Goofy got Minecraft for the computer, so this is basically where he spent the rest of his day!
 Stella enjoyed her new toy, too.

Jerry's Last Day

Christmas Eve was Jerry's last day with us until next December.  He had one last bit of mischief before he left.  He decided to put some more decorations on Dingy and Andrew's gingerbread houses!

 Christmas Eve, Jerry caught a ride back to the North Pole with Santa.  I helped him sit by Santa's cookies so that Santa wouldn't miss seeing him. 
Jerry even left the boys a little present from him.  Goofy got a minecraft toy and Widget got a blue car.

Rod's Christmas Town Pictures

I finally went through Rod's pictures, too, so I can finish the Christmas Town posts and move on to our Christmas morning!
Rod always yells at me for not being in pictures.  Dippy, who also doesn't love having his picture taken, helped me out here. 

 The hat had elf ears on it! 

 The 12 days of Christmas tree.

 Widget after watching the show.  During the show, he got out his popcorn and needed his shoes and socks off!
 Pathway lined with green trees.
 The 12 days of Christmas trees.  The pictures do not come out near as nice as being there.  That was our favorite area.  The lights are pink, blue and white on all white and silver trees.
 The North Pole. Santa pictures are happening inside.  (But that's not where dinner with Santa was.......How do they do that?  MAGIC!)

 What happens to a little boy who runs and runs through the park and had no nap at all!  He didn't get up til morning, either.  He slept through getting in the car, getting out at the hotel, and getting into bed there.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Town

I'm a little slow getting these pictures loaded, but they're finally here.  I still need to go through Rod's pictures, but at least I'll get some of mine up here.
We went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens again this year.  This time we made reservations to eat dinner with Santa.  Very good idea.

 That hill is very hard to climb after walking all day and while pushing a stroller. 
 Goofy was studying the map.  Everyone else was looking at the wolves.

 The tree was decorated with all of the 12 days of Christmas.  Then there were smaller trees with just one number from each of the twelve days. 

 We rode the sky ride.  Rod, Widget and I were in the front car.  Dingy, Andrew and Goofy were in that car.
 The train from above.
 The kids each won a penguin.
 Then we went in to see the real penguins.

 Bigfoot was eating in the park.  :)  And you know what that idiot did?  I was waiting outside for him...he came out....SAW ME...and then sat down over there and started eating the snack without me!!
 This is where he was asking Widget why he bought popcorn....He saw Widget eating Rod's funnel cake when he was supposed to be eating his own popcorn.
 And this is Widget sharing his popcorn with his dad.  :)
 Goofy needed his picture taken here.....
 And here.
 Goofy didn't want to share the cocoa.  (Not that I blame was AWESOME.)

 Bigfoot again.....

 It was a really big tree.
 We stopped in to see a show for a few minutes.  Widget LOVED it!! 
 Gingerbread men dancing.  Frosty was on stage for a while, too.

 Getting ready for dinner with Santa.  You can see by Rod's face which way the buffet was!!
 Before dinner, the kids were invited to go talk to Santa. 

 Then Santa told a story...Twas the Night Before Christmas.
 Then Mrs. Claus brought out chocolate chip cookies.  YUM!
 After that, children of all ages were invited to see Santa.

 Widget sat on his lap and even talked to him!!