Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

The first child to wake up on Christmas morning.
Goofy took the one thing of candy out of his stocking and quit looking. Later in the afternoon, I picked his stocking up and handed him a Skittles filled bank, a tube of M&M's and a boat for the bathtub!

Waiting for presents to be handed out.

Stella's new toy.

Sara all tired out. Too much excitement for her, I guess.

And too much playing for Stella. If you can't tell, Stella is actually sitting on the footstool to my rocking chair.

Merry Christmas


Blog is Back

Thanks to Santa, the blog is back in business!!!!! There was a new laptop under the tree for me!!!! So now I can put my pictures up and keep the blog updated again!!! And no more going out to the cold, cold office. And no more going out in the dark!!!!

Now I just have to figure out HOW to upload my pictures from the camera! (I don't have the card slot on here like I do on the desktop.)

Stay tuned for new pics! :)