Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Marvel Likes Cake!!

I don't know how I did this picture.  Kind of wish I did...I like it!!  :)
 Dingy got a promotion at work yesterday.  After taking the summer off to have fun, she went back to Chick-fil-A on Monday.  Tuesday night, they offered her a team leader position.  We had to celebrate with cake! 

At first, Marvel just sat there feeling the cake. 

 I fed him some...then he LOVED it!!!

 I figured he needed a little practice with it to get ready for his first birthday cake next week.
And I know, Dingy got promoted so she should have had her picture here somewhere, too, but Marvel's cuter.  ;)  Just kidding, Dingy......sort of.  :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's Baseball Time Again!!

Goofy's team started practicing for the fall season this week.
He got a hit during his first 'at bat' in practice.  :)
 Getting ready to hit

I think we have a very young team.  They're so small this year.  The coach lined them up by size to get their uniforms and Goofy was the second tallest.  Last year, our team had around 3 or 4 boys that were going to move up to the next division. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bigfoot Builds a Sandcastle

See the pile of sand Rod is sifting?  Yeah.....NO ONE was allowed to touch it!  He even yelled at Marvel for getting too close!
 Then he built a little castle out of it.

 Better back off Widget.
 look at the look on Rod's face.  Widget is too close to Bigfoot's sand! 

Last Trip of the Summer...Day 3

The last day of our last trip for the summer.  Rod had to meet with some people at the new property this morning.  I packed up our room while he was gone, then we headed to the beach for some play time before driving home.  We were just hoping to make it home, or close to, before the car quit on us.  Thankfully, it made it the whole way!!  :)
 My Goofy, the fish.

 They barely played in the water.  There was sand building going on all around me, though.
 Marvel was trying to get into his snacks.  I had to keep giving those to him to keep him from eating rocks!

 Widget needed a potty break.  They have real bathrooms, but he ran for the lovely smelling part a potty.

 I think he's using the shovel to try to open that snack container.

 Widget and Rod laying on the beach.  Dippy said his Dad looked like a homeless dude.
 I don't think Widget is going to get much sun UNDER the blanket.

 Marvel is really getting this walking thing down now.

 The boat launch is across the street from the playground.  Widget just saw a truck park with an empty trailer and he was worried because they were missing their boat.  he kept saying, "Boat gone."
 And now he is unstoppable!!

 And that's Widget telling me that Marvel was "upstairs"
 And very proud of himself, I think.

 He walks like he's sneaking up on someone.  :)

 There's a buck.  (you may have to click the picture to enlarge it)  Rod scared it away before I could switch lenses for a better shot.
 And this is what happens when you let Bigfoot drive!! :)