Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeding the Geese

These pictures are from two different cameras, so they're not in perfect order.  BOTH cameras' batteries died on me, too!!  :(
I tried to get Rod to walk further out the tree trunk, but he was too big of a sissy chicken do it. 

 Marvel 'wanted' to go through the weeds. 
 Feeding the geese...who couldn't have cared less that we were throwing food at them.  I think we really fed the fish. 

 This picture cost us $5.  SO I snapped the above picture too to get my money's worth. 

 Our Bigfoot sighting for the day. 
 You can see him better in this picture. 

 Dippy helped keep Widget's food bowl filled for him. 

 We need to find a new spot with geese that want to eat.  I think we keep being 'late to the party' and they've already been fed by numerous people.

Monday, May 27, 2013

More Baseball

HEY!!  Do you know what that is??  That's right.  That's Goofy on first base!!!  :) 
 He got his first hit at the game before, where he earned the game ball.  And this time he made it to first base!!!!  He didn't get to second because the next hitter made the third out. 
 Getting high fives from the coaches.

 And what did Marvel think of this excitement?  Maybe he's holding it in until Goofy scores a run.
 Goofy batting again.......

 And on first again!!  Two good hits in one night!!!

 But the third out was made again before he made it to second. 
 A lovely picture of the grass.  I don't know why.  Rod had the camera. 
 And Goofy as catcher.  Does any one else see what's going on in the background?  I didn't notice it that night, but when I went through the pics.....There is a River Bandit in the opponent's dugout!!  I think he was supposed to be in the field somewhere.  We were running short on players that night, too, so I'm pretty sure no one was on the bench during any inning. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Widget the Photographer

Apparently, someone was playing with my phone, even though they're not supposed to.  I was looking through the gallery on my phone and found all of these.  If yuou notice the shoes in the first picture, I think you can figure out who took them! 

 I have no idea what this red might be.  Knowing Widget, it might be better if I never know.

 There were TEN pictures of this bear on the floor. 
I think I need to go have them clean up their room now.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Planting Grandma's Flowers

Marvel watching me work in Grandma's flower bed.

 Widget helped water the flowers.

 And the big cheese!
 The new gnome and his house.

Mother's Day At Rod's Mom's

Rod in his normal role again as supervisor.  Good thing he had Dippy there to dig for him.

 Widget getting spun around.  As much as he liked it, look at Goofy.  I think he was enjoying it as much as Widget!

 The pretty sunset over the hill.

 And the finished product.  Now I hope these trees grow and bloom like they're supposed to.
 Riding the 4 wheeler after their 'hard work'.