Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Widget's First Day of School

Today was Widget's first real day of school.  He went right in and said good bye to me and sat down to play play doh with his teacher.  No tears.  No fuss.  :)
When I went back to get him he was all smiles and excited.  I asked if he was going back on Thursday and he said Yes! 
He got a little goodie bag from his teacher.
 He loved the stamp they put on his hand. 

 Big cheese with his bucket.  Can you see Marvel trying to get in the picture, too? 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Messy Marvel

Look at this messy face!!!!  He was happy, but oh, so messy. 
And do you know what caused a mess like that?  A whole chocolate bar?  A big stack of chocolate cookies??  Nope.  Just this......ONE tiny, little, bite sized Oreo!!!  That's in my hand as a size reference.  He had ONE cookie and got THAT messy!

First Baseball Game

Goofy had his first ball game of the fall season last night.  This season he is playing for the Nationals. 
Widget set up his own chair last night.

 Goofy is number 11.
 Yes, there is a kid playing with a broken arm.  He bats with his good hand. 

 It was my turn to take snacks last night.  Marvel took our goodies and ran!
 He was walking around with a plastic bag hooked on his baby toe.

 Goofy got two nice hits last night, but they both went foul. 

Marvel's First Birthday

Yesterday was Marvel's first birthday!!!!!! :)
He got two cards in the mail......Thank you!
 I bought a cake and look at the deal I found.  Not only did it actually say 1st birthday, it was 40% off.  I figured it had probably sat around for 3 weeks and would be horrible.  It wasn't!  Yay!  :)
 I know he's only one and should have had just one candle, but we found cute dinosaur candles.  I didn't want one lonely dino, so we used them all. 
 Look at that expression!  He's thinking...I'm blowing those candles out! 

 I took a picture of Dippy's arm.  Shhhh...don't tell him.  ;)
 He didn't blow the candles out.  He wanted to touch.
 Kirk was flipping out and kept grabbing his hands so he didn't get burned. 
 Widget had to take over the blowing out of the candles for Marvel.

 Grandma finally sent the PJ's that she had been making for Dippy and Goofy.  Dipp's don't fit very well.  He had the pants on, too....almost. 

 Stella likes these messy kids when they eat.  Thanks to Widget when he was younger she gained a lot of weight.  I can see that it's just going to keep going!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Widget's Classroom Tour

After getting all the kids to school and grabbing some breakfast yesterday, we were able to go to Widget's preschool and look around his classroom.  He was excited to go in, but I'm not sure he's going to want to stay!
 He wanted to know where the paint was for the easel. 

 He found his name on the wall.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Morning Pictures

Dingy was sooo excited about starting her last year of high school.

 Then, I got THIS.

 Widget was running while I was trying to get pictures.  I don't think his feet are on the ground.

 And away they go.
 I think Widget really wanted to go, too.

 Then we moved on to getting Goofy out the door.

 Widget dressed himself this morning.