Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goofy's Birthday

We finally had Goofy's 'real' cake on Saturday.  Ryan came over to play for the day.  Dingy took the boys to Laser Quest for the afternoon and then came home for dinner and cake!
I made him a Creeper cake.  It's from Minecraft.  I don't know what it is either, but it made Goofy happy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Goofy's Arm

Goofy went to the doctor Tuesday to have his cast taken off!!!  I have to say, after the first week or so, he really didn't complain about it.  I was waiting for the griping about it being itchy.  But that didn't happen.  Those four weeks FLEW by, though.  Maybe not as much for him.  He has had two trips to the water that he hasn't been able to play completely. 
This is from the parking lot of the doctor's office.
 And after they sawed it off. 
 He does have a brace to wear for a couple of weeks, but it is at least removable.  He can take it off at night and if we go back to water to play.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All Mixed Up

These pictures are all mixed up and out of order.  I should probably make it two or three posts, but the it would take longer and Mom will yell that the pictures weren't up fast enough!!  So here goes.  We have fourth of July, Goofy's birthday, and some playing at the lake all thrown together.
We finally got to play at 'our' beach.  There isn't much of a beach to play on  right now.  The water level was a little high.  BUT....we could walk out a LONG way and still be touching bottom and safe to play.  Even Widget and Marvel were able to walk out a far distance with no drop offs. 

 I bent down to try to take a picture straight on of him.....so he mimicked me and bent down, too!

 Marvel has no fear in that water.  He was out waling around in water up to his NECK! 

 The view from where we were playing. 

 I cannot understand how Goofy's cast got wet at all!  He was SO careful.  But when they took it off today, I was asked when he got it wet because it was VERY wet.  Ooops.  At least is wasn't wet until the day before we went.  We kept it dry for almost a full 4 weeks.

 Marvel saw a boat.  He now yells BOAT and points at them.

 We did Goofy's birthday cake in the lake house.  We took him to Golden Corral (His choice) on his birthday, but we didn't have cake since they have a dessert bar there and we were all STUFFED!

 I forgot to get a picture of his cake before we started devouring it!  But it's almost OK because this was his temporary cake.  I told him after he got his cast off, and his friend came back from vacation, I would take the two of them to do something fun and then we would have a cake that was made just for him.  Oh.  And you know what else I forgot?  A picture of GOOFY!!!  I must be out of practice with this picture taking thing!  Sheez!
 And now we jump back to the Fourth of July!  Dingy helped me take the little guys down to the parade.  It's pretty nice cause we can just walk to it and not have to worry about finding parking!  She looks all dejected here cause I took juice boxes for the little people.  I thought at 18 years old, she could pack things for herself if she wanted anything.  Guess I was wrong!  I'm still hearing that I didn't take her a juice box.

 My camera broke so I didn't get more pictures of the parade.  :(
 And...we're back at the lake!  I told you these were all out of order!  The house has finally been moved in.  Rod and Dippy worked on the plumbing and electric this weekend.  It passed the electric inspection, but they have to go back next weekend to try to finish the sewage and the water.  We're getting closer and closer to being able to stay down there to play in the water!!!!