Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Baseball Game of the Season

Monday was the first game of the season for Goofy.  Check out his cool sponsor!

 His fielding has gotten better this year.  We'll be practicing batting before Saturday's game.
 They won 4 to 3!!!  :D

Easter Day


 The first egg hunt....

 Goofy was so excited that he found one of Dingy's eggs.
 Does anyone else notice Mom's shoes smiling for the camera?

 There's one in every crowd.
 and then a copy cat
 I don't know what Rod was doing.  Other adults were helping the kids.  I think he was just walking around!

I think everyone would like a kid to 'look over there'.  :)

 Such determination on the face.
 By the hand on the back of the head, I have a feeling Marvel was not moving as fast as Dippy would have liked.

 Tucker and his baskets.

 Keldon was watching those two being rough and weird....
 He just looked at them like they were huge idiots!
 That leaf blew across the path in front of him, so of course he had to chase it down.
 Jersey is staring very hard at that plate.
 I love the 'floating kids' pictures.

Coloring Easter Eggs

This year was Marvel's first time coloring eggs. 

 I'm not allowed to take pictures of Dippy....but I did take one to show that he was there.  ;)
 And after the eggs were colored...THIS happened.....