Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Dippy?

Remember the post a few weeks ago with all of the strange places and positions we have found Dippy sleeping in? Well....I think I have another one of those kids!
Can you tell that his feet are just dangling?
I think Dingy must have taken pity on him because the next time I checked on him, he was sleeping comfortable on the couch all covered up.

Another Birthday!

Happy Birthday Marie!
(Not Grandma Marie.....Grandma Marie's neighbor Marie.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Missed Birthday

Apparently, I don't know when everyone's birthday is from Rod's family yet. So happy belated birthday to Rod's Grandpa Harry!

Please Explain....

Ok. First, can you see the side of his neck? Those dark spots? Those aren't bruises. It's ice cream! How in the world do you get ice cream on the side of your neck like that?
Then, would you please explain this....He goes to school one day a week. Every day, he is up usually to see Dingy off to school (around 7:45) and if he misses her, he always is up to see Dippy go. (He leaves around 8:30) Why is it that EVERY Friday..his one day of the ONE day he sleeps in? I have to wake him up for that one day! And we don't have to leave until 9:15! Why can't he pick, oh I don't know, a Saturday? or Sunday to sleep in?? No. Friday. I'm up already and he HAS to be up! I'll show him. Next year, he can sleep in on his school days all he wants....his class won't start until NOON anyway!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dingy's Birthday

40 days til Dingy's birthday. Then we will officially be in the teenage years. She hasn't mentioned what she wants for her birthday cake yet. Or what she wants to do for her birthday. Maybe we'll see a comment on here from her to help us out.


I said, "Say cheese." This is what I got. Twice.

Random Pictures

There's not much new here. Instead of leaving the blog un-updated (and getting yelled at by Mom, who NEEDS pictures) I'm posting random smiles today.

This is Goofy's favorite picture. He gets very excited when he sees it and re-poses for it.

And I couldn't leave out a picture of Mom and Dad!
I was talking to Goofy last night. I was trying to find out who gave him sticker earrings. I assumed it was Dingy, but when I asked Goofy if it was, he said no. I asked if it was Dippy and he said yes. So then I pointed to Dippy and said, "Is this Dingy?" and he said, "No, mine." So I guess Dippy officially belongs to Goofy now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Nadine took me out to lunch today to Chili's. We even ordered dessert! They have a new cake that looks like that only it is a chocolate chip cake with the ice cream and the chocolate shell on top. It was AWESOME!!! We had one dessert and three spoons and we all still got enough. It is much bigger than it looks!

Safety Patrol Badge

Dippy got his safety patrol badge yesterday!! He earned it last week, but just got it yesterday....after stalking the guidance counselor all day!! (I told him to just sit in the man's office until he handed it over! He said he went in the morning and he wasn't there and he went back in the afternoon and he wasn't there, then he found him outside waiting on Dippy with his badge.)
He had to memorize the pledge to earn it. It doesn't sound like a huge deal to learn the pledge, but the same time he was learning that pledge, he was also having to learn the Boy Scout Oath and Promise, too. I don't know how he managed to keep it all separate. I was getting confused helping him practice them all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rod and My Camera

Last week, Rod was asked to go talk to a Scout about his Eagle Project. The kid is trying to rebuild this platform for the marching band at his high school. Rod wanted to take pictures so that he could redraw it and come up with a materials list and all that good stuff. I let him borrow my camera. (I think I should have just taken the pictures myself.)

Ok. Not so bad so far, right? Those are decent pictures. But THESE were in the middle.

What the heck? When he got back in the car I asked him if he got good pictures and he even said, yeah, I even got a picture of my finger and the ground. So he KNEW he took these. Does he know there's a delete button? (OK. I really DON'T want him using the delete. He pushed it once and then clicked OK to delete ALL! ) And he wonders why I'm always the one carrying the camera on family trips!


I'm on Facebook now. I'm not completely sure that I want to be, but I am. Dingy is going to be slightly angry when she reads this as she has been asking and asking to get a page and I keep telling her no. BUT--I did tell her this weekend that if she gets on A/B honor roll, she can have a Facebook page. This way, when she gets hers, I'll have a small idea of how to use it so I'll have a small idea of what she is doing. I received an email this morning from the American Cancer Society stating that there is an application you can download in Facebook that shows your fundraising progress and provides a link for anyone wanting to donate. I thought that was worth a try. I'm only at 20% of my $150 goal.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Relay For Life

I got my first donation for the Relay for Life this week!! Thanks MelanieWelanie!!

They had the spaghetti dinner and pep rally Friday night. They asked each team to make a centerpiece that they will use for the survivor's dinner in May. The theme this year is the 25th birthday of the relay. We all got together and created this masterpiece.
Very colorful, huh?

Here are some of the other entries.

I don't think I got a picture of the winning centerpiece. We didn't win. The winner was either that one above with the trees on it, or one that was three 'presents' stacked and covered with candles. It was very, very festive. They just brought it in after I had taken pictures.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Constant Source of Entertainment

Last night, Dingy and I went to a pep rally thing for the Relay For Life. On the way home, we stopped at Burger King. Dingy ordered a Whopper Jr meal. We sat down and she opened her sandwich and started taking toppings off. I asked her what she was taking off. My thought was, next time she orders one, we'll order it minus whatever it was that is in that pile. So I ask, "What are you taking off?" She answers, "The stuff I don't like." Are you kidding me? The stuff I don't like? Really? Glad to hear you're not taking off what you DO like and leaving the crap! I ask her again what she's taking off and she still tells me, in that disgusted tone of hers that says I already answered you, The stuff I don't like! OK. So I tell her why I was asking and inform her that if I try ordering a Whopper jr minus "the stuff I don't like" the workers may have no clue what to do! (She never did tell me what she took off either! Knowing her it was the meat!)

Then tonight, we went to see Coraline. I was going to go to Wendy's for their fish sandwich, but Dingy asked to go to Chik-fil-et. SHE asked to go there. So we did. On the way over, she asked, "Wait. What do they have there?" Ummm...CHICKEN!! They got chicken, Dingy! It's in the name!

That instantly made me think of this clip. Wait for the KFC part. Then for extra fun, right around the 5 minute mark, watch the lady in blue in the front row. How do you miss your hands when you're clapping??

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Tucker!

ANOTHER teenage grandchild for Mom! Happy Birthday Tucker!

I was almost late posting this, but I still made it on the 20th! Hope you had a great day!

Oh, Heck Yeah!!

I went to McDonald's drive thru for breakfast after dropping Goofy off at school this morning. I just wanted the chicken biscuit and a drink, but it is easier to order the meal than to order separately. So I get up to the pick up window and the manager came over and asked if she could give me an apple pie instead of the hash browns cause the hashbrowns were still cooking. DUH! I didn't even want the hashbrown, but I'll sure as shootin' eat that apple pie!

It suddenly dawned on me how sad my life must be that this free apple pie might just be the highlight of my week!

(And, yes, I know today is Tucker's birthday and that I haven't posted anything for him yet. I need to find a couple of pictures and then there will be something up for him.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


We got a new Joann Frabics here. They are having their Grand Opening sale this weekend, and since MelanieWelanie from Fodder for Conversation is visiting, we of course went to check it out. We saw this cute little froggy lantern thing in the kids section.
And THIS was written on the bottom!
I really liked a cup that was with this, but I was afraid to buy it for Goofy after reading that label!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Rod asked me to put together another slide show. He wants to see Dippy from Tiger Cub through Sunday's Blue and Gold. I'm trying to find all of the pictures I can to make it a good one. I found a really old memory card that had a few good shots on it. Thought I would share them.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I recieved an email today from the Boy Scout Council. At the beginning of the year, they announced a popcorn kick-off video and picture contest. We were to video or take pictures of our popcorn fundraising kick off meeting where we were supposed to try to motivate the boys to sell, sell, sell! We did a video of our first Pack meeting this year. We announced all the prizes the boys could earn. We also announced that any of the boys that filled an order sheet (25 customers) would get to throw a pie in our Cubmaster's face. And Nadine demonstrated it that night! So we video taped the whole thing, and sent a copy in to the council, and they emailed this today:

"Video Winners!!

Congratulations to everyone that sent in videos this year. There were many great videos and the top 14 below were the best as decided on by the district popcorn kernels.

$1,000 TOP VIDEO

Pack 1114 George Mason District

Each of these packs will get $500

Pack 961 Goose Creek District
Pack 1815 Appalachian Trail District
Troop 1636 Catoctin Mountain District

Each of these units will get $250

Pack 962 Goose Creek District
Pack 492
Pack 1346 Patriot District
Pack 455 Bull Run District
Pack 1965 Patriot District
Pack 1450
Pack 680 Colonial District
Pack 1365 Occoquan District
Pack 913 Powhatan District
Pack 964 Occoquan District


Did you see us??? We're Pack 964!! We just won $250!!!

I'll try to find some pictures from when the sale was over. We ended up with 8 or 9 boys that got to throw pies. We had to go to the den leaders and ask for more 'targets'. I think we ended up with 5 adult leaders from the pack who had pies thrown at them. Yes, Dippy was one of the boys who got to throw. He threw at one of the leaders that went to Goshen with him. That leader said he didn't want any Webelos, and I told him too bad, he tripped my kid on the hike!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blue and Gold Banquet Tomorrow

Our Cub Scout Pack's annual Blue and Gold Banquet is tomorrow. They have a cake bake contest every year. (It's my favorite part!) Two years, we won Best Cub Scout theme. When he was a Tiger, we made a cake and I wrote the Cub Scout promise on it and we melted candy into molds with the Scout symbols on for around the sides. That was the part that Dippy could help with. Then when he was a Wolf, we made a Pinewood Derby track. The kids made little cars out of chocolate bars with the mini M&Ms for the wheels for the cars that sat on the track.

Last year, Dippy decided to make a cake that went with the theme of the Blue and Gold instead. Last year's theme was Chinese New Year. So we attempted a Chinese dragon. He did an awesome job making scales out of rolled fondant. I really didn't do much to help him last year. I did make an extra trip, or three, to Michael's for supplies, but that was about it. He won Judge's Favorite for his work, too! I tried to find a picture of it to post here, but I can't find it. I'll keep looking and might have it a little later.

This year, I talked him into doing his original idea from last year. This is our last year to do this. Tomorrow he bridges up to Boy Scouts. I thought his idea last year, that he discarded, was great. He was going to make the uniform shirt.

He wouldn't even let me help! All I did was put the pan in the oven and take it out of the oven. He mixed the cake (Well, it's really brownies cause that's what he wanted.), he made the frosting, and he made ALL of the decorations! I was allowed to help a little with ideas for what would work for buttons and patches, but I didn't do anything. It came out pretty good, too, I think.

He put a belt at the bottom with a belt buckle and belt loops.
And, VOILA! Finished product...with an almost smile.

And a view with his old shirt beside it

Now, would you like to hear some funny rules of the past? First, the main rule in this Pack is that everything on the cake, (or dessert, we're not limited to just cakes) must be edible. (Or as Dingy calls it, Eatable.) But I fould some rules from sometime around 1993 or 1994 in the Pack's records. It used to be a Father-Son contest. Now it is a Parent-Son contest. There were four rules listed out. Basically they said it had to be the boy's work, no Mom's were allowed to help unless they were single Moms, and everything had to be edible. It's rule #4 that I love. It makes you wonder what kind of families they had in the Pack at the time.
"(4.) You may not accost the judges after the results are announced. They are only volunteers and will be left alone."
REALLY? This HAD to be in writing?? Either this was a rough group or they took their cake decorating skills WAY too seriously!

Found It!

I found pictures of last year's Chinese Dragon cake. Here's the tail.

And then the whole thing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Movie Night

Rod wanted to watch a movie with the kids tonight. Dippy wanted to watch Wanted and Dingy anted to watch Swing Vote. So Rod ordered Wall-E. Goofy said he was going to watch it. After about 15 minutes, I heard snoring. So Rod was done. Then Goofy crawled over to get his balloon and was watching TV on his Daddy. Next thing I know they're BOTH out! And it's only 9:00!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Haley!!

She's 13!! The first of the 'babies' is now a teenager. I was almost late getting her birthday post on here,too. Technically, I made it with almost 4 hours left in her birthday. Although her birthday card is another story! I have it. I also have Laura's. Does anyone remember reading the happy birthday to Laura post? Yeah. It was LAST MONTH!! And her card is still on my kitchen table. I think I need to go to the post office tomorrow. And since I couldn't scan pictures for Laura's birthday, I put a couple of her in here with Haley.

I hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Funny Pictures

There isn't that much going on here right now. This weekend will be very busy with the Blue and Gold Banquet. We have the Parent/Son Cake bake to start it off. There will definitely be pictures for that posted. Plus, with Dippy bridging up to Boy Scouts, joining a Troop, and getting at least two big awards, there will be lots of pictures posted after the event Sunday and Monday. But for now, we have nothing. So here's a few pics that I found surfing the net last night. Enjoy.

You might want to click to enlarge this one. Then--please explain it to me!
I know funerals aren't funny. But maybe this one is.

Welcome to my childhood!