Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Lied

But it was by accident! The internet WAS working. But when I went out the first time to do anything, it worked for about 10 minutes, then it quit. Rod fixed it and the next time I had any time to play with pictures and stuff, it went out AGAIN!! Hopefully it works today. We leave for Grandma's Monday and I would like to have the pictures that I already have posted before we leave.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Rod finally got the internet working on my computer tonight!!! YAY!! BUT...I'm too tired to go out and play with my pictures. So here's one from today to hold you over til I get a chance to post more. But they are coming and hopefully it'll be tomorrow.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

No More Pictures

I can't post any pictures for a while. Our internet has been out since Wednesday. I can still use my phone and Rod's laptop, but I can't download pictures. (We don't want all the pictures on Rod's laptop.)

On Wednesday, Rod took our modem to Comcast to see if that was the problem. They checked it, but found the problem was in our cable. Someone has to come out and replace it. The next appointment they had was for Saturday (yesterday) between 2 and 5. So we went without internet for 3 and a half days and waited around yesterday for the technician. 5:00 came and no one had been here. Rod called Comcast and they said our ticket was still open so they would be here. 6:00 came and still no one! This time Rod called and was told that the technician had come but no one was home. WHAT?? We were here all afternoon, Dippy had been in his bedroom which is right above the front door so he would have heard someone, AND Rod had a note on the front door with his cell number in case we were out back and didn't hear the door!! I went out front to see if there was any kind of notice from Comcast that they had missed us. There wasn't. Rod asked the guy on the phone if they leave a note and he said they do. So...either (1) the technician lied about coming out. or (2) he went to the wrong house! Of course they wouldn't send the tech 'back' out yesterday and the next available appointment is TUESDAY NIGHT!! Supposedly, he'll be here bewteen 5 and 8. But, if we give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say he just went to the wrong house, who knows if he'll find us Tuesday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Widget

More Widget pics. Cause he's cute.

Shall we count the chins? :)


Picking Dippy up at camp takes a lot out of a little kid! Both of the little guys have come home asleep everyday this week!

Dippy's Robot

Dippy has been spending his week at Robotics Camp this week. We get to go eat lunch with him tomorrow and then watch him run his robot. (Goofy is SOOOOO excited about going to camp with Dippy tomorrow and seeing the robots.) Dippy sent me a picture of his robot today. I will try very hard to have many, many, many more pictures tomorrow.

Shopping For Dingy

While Dingy's at Grandma's she's getting a lot of stuff bought for her HERE!! OK. She technically paid for the mouse by herself. But I DID go pick it up for her. :)

Yes. She had to have a green mouse for her computer.

WE have been looking for these for weeks now. These pins are supposed to keep your hair tied in a bun. We'll see if they work when she comes home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goofy's Present

After Chuck E. Cheese yesterday, we went to Toys R Us for Goofy to spend his birthday money. he bought some Play Doh, and an Etch a Sketch and this. It's a mud pie making station.

The faucet really pours water.

He's making me dinner now. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Goofy's Birthday

Goofy helped make his own birthday cake. He had asked for a Batman cake a long time ago. Last week, I asked him again what kind of cake he wanted....just in case he had changed his mind. He told me he wanted TWO cakes. One Batman and one Spiderman. We're not sure if he wanted two because Dippy had two this year. Or if he wanted two because, well, we like cake! :) (and Dippy had two because we had one on her actual birthday here at the house and then she had a second one for her party at Laser Quest.)

So I tried to figure out a way to give him two cakes without having a lot of extra cake sitting around the house. I think my plan worked. He was happy and I guess that's the important thing.

His mixing WAS going well. (I know he looks upset, but he really wasn't.)
We did a double layer cake, but we didn't stack them. That way we could have a Batman and a Spiderman without extra cake. I bought decorations and let Goofy make it look how he wanted.

And, Ta-Da! Done!! Now look closely, you're going to be quizzed in a second.

Do you see anything missing?

The kids were having a hard time waiting for Rod to get home to have cake. There's a decoration missing off of each cake!! And yes, I know he had extra candles, but I did 4 candles on each cake and the special candle just doesn't count.

Dingy's Earrings

Just because you own many pairs of earrings, doesn't mean you have to wear FOUR different ones at a time!! :)

Widget's 1st Trip to Chuck E. Cheese

Getting bored..... (I know it's hard to tell from a pic, but that was a HUGE yawn, not a crying face.)

Aaaannnnnd...I'm done!

Goofy's Birthday!


We went to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. (We are planning a trip to the Air and Space Museum for him, but we have to wait til Dippy is home for that.)

This is the coolest bowling game! You throw a real ball, it hits a screen, and becomes a video game. We have no idea why he was standing IN it, though! But each time, he would pick up his ball, then carefully step inside the machine before rolling it.

Friday, July 2, 2010


We haven't had a new picture of Widget for a while. So before Grandma yells at me, here's one!