Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goofy and Widget

Goofy's other front tooth FINALLY came out tonight!  Now he has that big toothless smile going on.  :)

 What did Widget do to make the blog?  Nothing!  I took Goofy's picture and he was sitting in his car screaming at me.  All he wanted was to have his picture taken, too! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Widget and George

Widget went outside to blow some bubbles.  I checked on him and found him AND Stella inside the bunny pen!  I didn't notice until I saw the picture on the computer that Widget was holding the bunny in a 'not so nice' way!  I made both Widget and Stella get out of the pen,  and George is fine. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Park Night

It's been sooooooo hot lately, that I haven't had the little guys outside much during the day.  This evening, it's still hot, but we went to the park for a little while anyway. 

 Dingy had thrown a little temper tantrum.  She wanted to stay home and nap instead of going along.  Then.....guess who seemed to have the most fun???  She really should listen to her parents more often!
 Yes.  Those are Dingy's legs coming down through.  She was setting a bad example for all the little kids there playing.

 Look at her face!  Such concentration to move the swing!

 He climbed the ladder all by himself.

 Superman flew through my shot!!! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feeding the Duckies

I took the little guys to feed the duckies this morning.  Even though there are more geese than ducks, so we should call it feeding the geese.  But I can't get Goofy to understand the difference between ducks and geese, so they're all ducks!   

 I felt bad for the geese today.  Widget did more chasing than feeding.

 I don't think he knew it would do that flapping thing!

 Goofy wasn't quite as brave.  He was backing up the hill as he was dropping bread.

 Widget chasing the poor birds nonstop!
 Baby down
 But not for long.  He bounced right back up and went back to chasing.

 And he was really good at stopping at the edge of the water.  I told him not to get his shoes wet.  After this, we were taking Goofy over to Target to get all his school supplies, so I needed dry feet.

 Nice face....

 Goofy had the last of our bread.

 Goofy sharing.
 Another flock of geese coming in for food.  Sadly, we were out before they got there. 

 Waving bye bye to the duckies.

 Now......back to the shoes.  See how well he was stopping at the water's edge?
So I really do not understand why his shoes and socks were soaked when we got back to the car.
He stayed out of the water just like I asked......
But we still had to change shoes!!!  (Luckily, his sandals were in the car!)