Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Official----Grandma's Old!

Dingy said that Grandma wasn't old til she became a Great Grandma. She's a Great Grandma. Natasha had her baby this afternoon. SUPPOSEDLY, I will have pictures to blog later. Grandma is on her way up to visit the new baby. But I think we can all remember the pictures I DIDN'T receive of Bill's bike race. So, who knows, maybe I will be posting random baby pictures, too!

And just so we are all up to date--Bill's a GRANDPA!! (I think that qualifies him for old status as well!)

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Beds!

The boys finally got their bunkbeds! They are BOTH excited over it. Goofy kept taking us in their room to show us their beds all evening. He even slept in his own bed ALL night, too! (Dippy did, too.) We kept reminding Dippy that he needed to remember he was in the top bunk in case he got up in the middle of the night! That first step is a little higher than on his old bed.

This is them in the top bunk.
And in the bottom bunk.
And Goofy getting himself to the top bunk!

Goofy's Baking

I think I need to start another new group of posts. I have the 'Dingy's a Weirdo' and the 'What the Heck Goofy' posts. Well, this is my second 'Who's Watching the Kid?' Only this time, the answer is Dumbledork! Goofy was sitting at the top of the steps playing with a pot and a spoon. Dumbledork was watching a movie. He thought it was an empty pot til he saw white stuff all over Goofy's head. Goofy had gotten the pancake mix out, poured some into a pot, gotten a spoon out of the drawer and taken it all upstairs to where Dumbledork was watching TV. Then he sat and was stirring it. (I think he stirs a little roughly!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dreary Day

Can you see how wet, dreary and dismal the weather is here? It has been this way since about 6 last night. Have you heard where Dumbledork and Dippy are? Yep, they're camping. In tents. In the rain. This group of boys has gotten very lucky with their summer camps. Two years in a row, they went to Goshen and had perfect weather their whole week. Even day camp for them has been non-rainy. (Overly hot, but no rain.) I can already smell the horrible laundry they are bringing me.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ANOTHER--What the Heck Goofy?

We went to Petco tonight cause we had some coupons for freebies. Always a good reason to go out, even on a rainy night. (And the boys are camping....Hope they set the tents up well!) Anyway, there's a big cage of birds that's just the right size for Goofy to see. What's he do? He runs up to it and BARKS at the birds! Of course they all jump out of the way which causes big giggles from Goofy. And yes, he had to do it more than once!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dingy's a Weirdo--Still

I have my many What the Heck Goofy? posts. Now it seems I will have some Dingy is a Weirdo posts. We already know that she says she doesn't like cheese balls. (COME ON! Who doesn't like cheese balls?) Now she proved once again today, that she is a weirdo. She was asked to babysit Thursday evening. Drama club starts Thursday and we were trying to figure out if she would be done with that in time to go to Nadine's. Nadine needs her there at 4:30. If drama club ends at 4, we're fine. If it ends at 5, then I am going to watch the kids for the first half hour. Here's Dingy's answer to "what time is drama club over?" "I think it ends at 4:16." 4:16? Why would she say 4:16? I would understand 4:15. 4:30. Between 4 and 4:30. But 4:16? What a weirdo! (And yes, she really said 4:16. I didn't not hear her. Dumbledork was here, too and heard her and just said he wasn't getting into the conversation! She even repeated it a few times. )

Bike Race

So Bill was in a bike race over a week ago. SUPPOSEDLY, my Mom was taking pictures. I asked her to send me some for the blog. She said she would. She hasn't. It's been a week and a few days. I'm tired of waiting. So....here's what could be Bill in the bike race. (I doubt that it is, though, since where he was racing was NOT a city street...but it was all I had.)

Bike Fail funny picture

Failure funny picture

Safety Patrol

Today was Dippy's first full day as Safety Patrol. He wanted me to drive him down. I said I would one time, and then he said he would rather pick a better day for me to drive him. He wasn't real happy when I told him I was driving him today so I could take pictures! He asked if I could not use the flash so no one would know. So I took a couple with my phone. I got him with a group of kids and then by himself. He was doing a really good job. I wonder how he is going to like it during the freezing rain storms.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Way to go Dippy!

Look! Dippy is a Safety Patrol! He got his sash today and has to be at his post at 8:35 in the morning. (OK, the earlier time is not so much a good thing.) The kids are chosen for Safety Patrol based on good grades and good conduct at school. And he got the post he wanted; but it isn't with his best friend.

What the Heck, Goofy?

OK. I'll go back to 'What the Heck, Goofy?' He gives me way more content. So here's how he kept himself occupied for the morning at Grandma's.

What the Heck Bill?

I am changing from 'What the Heck Goofy?' to 'What the Heck Bill?' First, I get an email asking for my address. I have lived in the same house for about 10 YEARS! Shouldn't you have your sister's address? Then I get the letter today and THIS is how it is addressed! Do we not know our sister's last name? My last name has been the same for 15 YEARS! And, yes, the check to pay for his popcorn was also just written to Shanelle. No last name there either!

But thanks for ordering popcorn form Dippy! He has sold more this year than any other year so far. And he has possibly doubled last year's totals.

Friday, September 19, 2008

First Art Projects

Goofy brought home his first art project today. He painted with apples. I asked him to show it to me......I kind of wanted to see HIM, too!

This one he painted last week. It's hanging on the wall of the preschool.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Funny Church Sign Battle

I found this on a different website. (Dingy, if the website is listed here, you're not allowed to go there. There is adult content.) I found it amusing and thought I would share.

Church Wars funny picture

Funny Pictures / Myspace layouts

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Morning

This is a filler post. That stupid ad for the cutest blog was blocking my title for Melanie's birthday. This post is just to knock the birthday post down a little so you can see it!

It's MelanieWelanie's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Melanie!!!

Did anyone guess that it's Melanie's birthday? You can find her at http://fodderforconversation.blogspot.com if you want to go over and wish her a happy birthday.

Have a great birthday Mel!

Friday, September 12, 2008


This is from our Cub Scout picnic last weekend. There is no reason for this. Except it looked like fun and I wanted to try too, but I had to be somewhat mature.

And the building in the background is Goofy's preschool.

Can You Hear That?

Can you hear that annoying sound? And that isn't even when he revved it up. Which it seemed he did a LOT! That is from standing in my livingroom. And guess what time it started......Did anyone guess NAP TIME? That's right. He started it right when I was changing Goofy to lay down for his nap. (OK, it might have been a she. I looked and looked but never saw who was actually running what.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who's Watching the Kid?

Obviously NO ONE! Look at this! That's ink! And of course he does it on a Thursday! (He has school on Friday.) ONE day a week he has school. ONE day, he has to go out and be with other people. I really hope ink will come off in the tub! I don't even know if there is time to fit a bath in before the Pack meeting tonight. He may be going to Cub Scouts looking like this.

Sorry for the sideways pictures. I didn't realize they were on their side til it came up, and to fix it owuld mean deleting the pots and then I would have to wait for the video to load again, and I really don't have time to wait today. So turn your head this time, and I will try to make sure they are all right side up in posts to come.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Track Star

Well, I guess I don't have a budding track star. After two days of try-outs, she decided it wasn't that fun, and quit. She had promised to give it a week. She said they weren't running the 'fun stuff.' I told her that after try-outs were over, after they were done weeding out the slower kids, they WOULD have more fun. Now I don't get to take MY walks, either! I was looking forward to conquering that mountain!

Pampered Chef, Anyone?

Anyone need more Pampered Chef products? I know, who DOESN'T need more? MelanieWelanie is having a book party in September. If you're interested, please visit www.pamperedchef.biz/kathynicholson. To order through Melanie's party, it will ask you to look up your host's name. It works with just her first name. (melanie) YAY! No one has to attempt to spell her last name! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dingy Ran Track; I Walked

Dingy DID make the first cut for track! YAY!! Her best friend, Cassie, did too! YAY!! Dippy, Goofy and I walked to the school to pick her up. (OK, Goofy rode in his stroller....Lucky!) I knew there was a hill on the way. I didn't realize their was a MOUNTAIN on the way. Holy crap, that thing is steep! I had to stop to catch my breath and drink some water a couple of times. And crossing Dale Blvd is a treat. (Yes, Dippy, that IS sarcasm.) But we made it. I left way early not knowing how long it might take me to get there. It worked out nicely. Dippy and Goofy were able to run a round a little and have a rest. We pumped up the tires on the stroller. Dingy wasn't even upset with me when she came out. (We were worried she would have a fit at walking home after running for two hours.) She asked if we could take Cassie home, and I told her as long as she didn't mind walking home to get the car first. Dumbledork was already waiting to come get me if he needed to. (In case Dingy threw a fit at walking home.) So I called him to meet us at the corner of Dale Blvd. so we could run Cassie home and still be back in time for dinner and me to shower for my cub scout committee meeting. He came a little further, but that was fine. I still walked at least 2 miles. Sadly, I walked 1.4 miles there, and rested a while, and I was STILL sweatier than the girls who RAN a MILE for warm up, then ran for two hours!

Dingy Wasn't On the Bus!

Dingy didn't come home from school on the bus today. Normally, if one of the kids aren't where they are supposed to be, it's a bad thing. BUT...if Dingy wasn't on the bus, then that means she made the first cut for track! YAY!! She wasn't sure how many cuts there would be, but surviving the first one is great. Run, Dingy, run. (Now I have to wait til 5 to see if her friend made it with her. I'm sure she did. Dingy said they were running pretty close to each other yesterday.) Good luck, girls!

Another "What the Heck, Goofy?"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another First Day

I know, I said last week that it was the last first day of school. Today is the first day of track try-outs for Dingy. She may try a little harder because her friend is trying out and they have no classes together. Not even lunch. So if they both make the team, they'll actually get to see each other everyday. I have to pick her up after try-outs and then after practices (hopefully). Her school is 1.4 miles away from our house. I wonder if she would get mad at me if walk down to pick her up. Would that be wrong to make her walk 1.4 miles after having run track for an hour or so?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanna's Here

Hanna is here! We've been getting rained on ALL day. I hope it stops by 5. We're supposed to be selling popcorn again tonight. If stops in time, we can still go, and I bet it will be a good night cause I am guessing there are a LOT of people at home today!

Dumbledork Eats Dog Food

Dumbledork came into the room with his cereal. He was upset cause he said that Dippy told him his cereal looked like dog food. It's a new cereal, so I asked if I could see it. I started laughing because Dippy was right. It looks Purina Puppy Chow! While he was eating, Dingy came in. (She had been in the office and had missed the whole conversation.) She looked at Dumbledork's bowl and said, "That looks like dog food." hee hee...Dumbledork eats dog food!

Last First Day of School for the Year

Goofy didn't pose quite as well as the other two did for their first day of school pictures. Goofy goes to preschool every Friday. He was very excited to go...until we got there. He hung his own bookbag up on the hook and was walking around being happy. Then we got in line to go in the room and he got very close to me. Then he was holding my hand. Then the teacher talked to me and I had to pick him up! I put him back down to get his name tag. When that teacher put his name tag on, he rushed to me to pick him up again. I was able to leave him with no tears. I think he will be OK as long as the teachers don't talk to him! He was OK when I picked him up, but he fell asleep in the car and completely messed up nap time!

Goofy's Backpack

Remember these pictures from Tuesday? Goofy is carrying a backpack purse of Dingy's. We realized he would want his own backpack for his preschool.

Well, we took him to Target. There was ONE little bookbag left. Luckily he liked it. He liked it a lot. He wore it the rest of the way through the store. He did take it off to put it up on the counter so we could pay for it.

Goofy's Haircut

Goofy had to get a haircut Thursday so he could start school on Friday. Dingy took the pictures for me. (I was out selling popcorn with Dippy.) He sat in the chair all by himself and didn't fuss or wiggle or anything. (I had to hold Dingy down for his haircuts until he was FIVE! And yes. He still HATES having his hair cut!)

The First Week of School

Did anyone else notice that they have each already repeated a shirt?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Kind of a Weirdo is Dingy?

Dingy's a weirdo! I bought this HUGE barrel of cheese balls last night when I had ALL THREE hooligans with me. Everyone knew I was getting them for school lunches. I get up this morning to make Dingy's lunch and I asked her if she wanted the cheese balls or plain potato chips. (Which I only have a few left of ) She tells me potato chips cause she doesn't like cheese balls. WHAT?!? WHO doesn't like cheese balls? What's not to like? She eats broccoli. (Yuck) She eats ketchup on EVERYTHING. (Yuck) But she doesn't like cheese balls? And she can't tell me this while we are at the store? Weirdo!