Monday, June 30, 2014

Last of Vacation Pictures

This is the last of our vacation pictures.  :(
 Goofy waving at me while Rod was getting them ready to fish.

 Marvel was bound and determined to get out to where they were.
 He tried to climb the rocks....

 The he tried swimming out to them.
 Then back to the rocks!
 I thought Dad was reeling in a fish.  But it was just his lure.

 My perfect, beautiful sand sun.  Even though my Mommy didn't think it was perfect. 

 Goofy thought he was hilarious!

 Rod's eyes look funny.

More Beach/Fishing

So, one morning, these three brilliant 'men' packed their lunches and left for a day of fishing.  Although, while Mom was fixing breakfast, she found their lunches sitting on the kitchen counter!  Widget and I ran their cooler out to them.

 Saw a crab in the water. 
 Taking off again.   I thought they were going out to the big open water I could see and I could get many pictures.

 Instead they headed for the bridge and went under it and out of sight.

 His casted arm is going to be soooo much whiter than the rest of him when that comes off.

 The clouds are always so much prettier near the water.
 Chasing sea gulls.

 Marvel let us bury his feet.  He even asked for it again. 

 Now to just figure out a way to do this at home to keep them in one place while I get some work done!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Widget's Lighthouse

Widget has had this 'thing' for lighthouses lately.  While driving on a shopping excursion today, we passed a lighthouse.  Of course, we HAD to stop for him. 
There was a beautiful beach. We only went to the overlook, not all the way down to it.
 Then we walked over to the lighthouse!  He loved it.  Although, it was locked and he couldn't get in.  He felt he needed to get in and he wanted to turn the light out! 
 Just a short walk away was three more lighthouses called the Three Sisters.