Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hurricane Sandy left town without ruining our trick or treat night.  And there were a LOT of kids out tonight.  We had bought 4 BIG bags of candy at BJ's.  Rod called me while I was out walking with Goofy to tell me that they were almost out of candy!  Luckily, we were on our way back towards the house.  I dropped the little guys off with Rod and made a quick trip to the store.  I'm glad we live very close to stores here!  I was there and back in almost 15 minutes.  I bought one more huge bag and two smaller bags.  Dippy only used the huge bag before they wrapped things up for the night.
OK.  This has nothing to do with Halloween besides it being taken on Halloween.  But since he wasn't dressing up and participating, there aren't as many pictures of him today.
 Rod and Dippy worked all afternoon (after Dippy got home from school) to get the yard ready.
 Even more spiders.

 The strobe light in the tree.
 Rod being an idiot.  He knew I was taking a picture and still made the goofy face.  I told him before, if he poses like that, I'm using it on the blog!

 A motion activated spider beside the sidewalk.  Not sure if anyone saw it with Rod chasing kids with a chainsaw.
 The jumping spider

 Goofy as Optimus Prime
 Rod had a lot of fun tonight.  I'm pretty sure he had more fun than all the kids did.

 I took a picture of Goofy without his mask.  You can't really tell who it is with that mask on.
 The yard with the fog machines rolling.

 I took this from across the street while Goofy and I were trick or treating.  It's a little blurry, but the best to see the whole effect.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Stormy Monday

Everyone's home today because of Hurricane Sandy.  Rod and I were just chilling this morning and watching a movie. 
Rod shared his chips with Marvel.

 Stella is just staring at Rod thinking he's wasting the chip on a baby when SHE would be glad to eat one....or two.
 You can't say no to the little Stella face.  (Could be why she has gotten soooooo fat!!)

 We were getting BIG smiles from Marvel.  It was hard to catch it, though.  We'll be trying again later for smile pictures.  I'm sure we're going to have plenty of time.  We have a feeling there will not be school or work again tomorrow.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Just in case this storm does come through with some nasty winds, I thought I would take pictures of our decorations.  We're hoping the storm is done before trick or treating time on Wednesday. 

 The scariest of all.....if you look closely, there's a face in the window!
 George came inside for a visit while we waited for Marvel to finish eating so we could carve the pumpkins.

 Before picture of the pumpkins.

 Pumpkin guts!!!
 Stella will really eat anything. 

 Dippy's pumpkin in progress
 Dingy's pumpkin in progress

 We had to move inside.  The rain started before we were done with the carving. 

 Goofy did his pumpkin all by himself.  Well, we cut the top off for him...THEN he did it all by himself.
 The face Goofy drew to cut out.
 Goofy's finished.
 Dippy's finished.
 Dingy's finished
 The after picture