Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

Goofy must have had a rough weekend.  This was before dinner.
Then it became this!
I hope he is well rested because I think they got out every toy they own today.  That's going to have to be cleaned up before bedtime.

Our weekend

 I'm going to combine a few things into one post.  Yes, I just may be getting lazy!
Marvel sat in a new walker this weekend.  His sleeper was almost camoflage with the seat! 
 I took the padded seat out of this play seat so I could wash it.  While it was in the wash, Widget played in it.  This was just a little annoying because this toy was bought for Widget when he was a baby, and when it was his, he refused to play in it.  But now that its not his, he wants to play in it!
 Goofy fell on the sidewalk Friday night.  We went to BJ's and I forgot the water bottles we needed to return in the car.  Goofy and I went out to get them, and I JUST said, "Don't run or you're going to fall!"  Not one minute later, he was on the ground.  He went clear down to his face, too.  Now he has a bruised nose and a skinned knee.
 Here's Widget NOT listening to me tell him to stay out of the baby's walker. And when Marvel is in the walker, Widget pushes him allllll over the place.  I never know where I will find him.
 Dippy and Widget were playing on my white board.  Somehow, the drawing got continued onto a child!
The flash bugged him.

Prom Dress Shopping

Today we went prom dress shopping.  Dingy tried on a TON of dresses. 
This one "felt funny"
 She didn't like that strappy thingy that flowed down the front.
 This was in the running for a while.  In person it looked a little like Cinderella's dress. 
 We got an 'eh' for this one.
 This was nice except by then, she had already tried on the one she bought.  Her mind was sort of already made up.

 This white one actually made her look fat.
 I really preferred the darker colors for her.
 I would have voted for this one of it had been a darker shade of green.
 Nice socks, huh?
 This had my vote until we went to a different store. 
We did buy a dress.  It was none of these.  I didn't post a picture of it.  You'll have to wait til prom night and see it with her all ready to go. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Baby Cries

OK.  I know this is mean and we really should have just picked the poor baby up, but this is just a little funny. There's an app for your phone that sings the McDonald's fishy fishay commercial song.  You can also use the app as a mouth to talk through.  Rod shows the app singing. Marvel demonstrates using it as a mouth to talk through.  (or scream)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

We bought Dippy a bag of Starburst for Valentine's Day.  It was a HUGE bag.  He built himself a pyramid out of them!  The big goober.

Gryffin Getting Comfy

Well, Gryffin is just making himself comfy in his new home. Rod had just gotten up from the bed to go get Dingy from work.  He came back in for his phone and Gryffin was in his spot!! 
 Then, I was on my recliner putting Marvel to sleep, and he climbed up and laid down on my legs!  See Stella?  She's NOT happy at all!!  That is HER spot.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Difference Between Our Dogs

I bought the dogs each a rawhide treat for Valentine's day.  Nothing fancy, just a braided rawhide chew.  I gave it to them around 2:00 when I was getting ready to leave to pick up Dippy and Dingy.  I was only gone about 45 minutes.  When I got back, Gryffin had his all unbraided and very much chewed.
 Stella made herself comfy in Widget's bed but still had almost all of hers left.  and all still braided.  I'm not sure I have ever seen her unbraid her treats.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Marvel was taking a nap the other morning.  I looked over and saw that he was awake and looking up at this weird angle.
He was trying to watch TV!!  This kid sooooo fits into this family!! 

On My Fridge

Yesterday, I noticed this picture hanging near the bottom of my fridge.  I knew that Dingy or Dippy had drawn it.  I assumed it was Dippy since he draws regularly.
Then last night, Dippy asked Widget what it was doing on the fridge.  I asked him if he drew it.  He said he drew it and gave it to Widget.  I guess Widget just knows that drawings go on the fridge!  Dippy did not tell him to hang it up.  He did that on his own.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The New Puppy

Well, we finally caved and allowed Dingy to get a new puppy.  He's 11 months old.  It sounds like he had been kept in a cage almost all the time.  He also had bald spots all over, possibly from fleas or who knows what.  The lady we got him from treated him for those spots and you can't see them.  He came here Friday afternoon and has adjusted pretty well.  He likes everyone, but knows he belongs to Dingy. 
Stella's not sure she really wanted a brother. 
 There was a lot of snarling and running and yipping.

Thankfully, Stella and Gryffin (that's his name) have settled down.  They still play some, but they can also be calm in the house.
Dingy worked yesterday.  She had an extra long shift, too.  She went in at 11, but wasn't done til her normal time of 10:30.  When she left, Gryffin followed her to the door and he stayed there for at least 20 minutes.
He finally got up and started wandering around.  He was fine all day.  He had no accidents in the house and has (so far) not attempted to chew anything he is not supposed to chew.  He made friends with everyone.  He allows Widget to hug him....he's the perfect height for Widget.  While we were watching tv, he laid on the bed with us.  But as soon as Dingy came home, he really livened up and was very glad to see her. 

I'll try to get some better pictures of Gryffin this week.  Hopefully it will be nice outside and we can go out and get some outdoor pics. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Marvel's New Pants

I picked up a new outfit at Target last night for Marvel.  I didn't notice the color until I got home.  Silly me.  I thought I bought him gray pants with an orange waistband.  Not according to the tag.  The tag says, "Elephant/hot sauce".
I still say they're gray with an orange waistband!!! 
This was supposed to be a pic of him wearing them.  But he fell asleep.
And, yes, Grandma!  I rearranged the blanket so that he didn't suffocate himself!! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Evil,Evil Stairs

We have some very, very evil stairs!  A couple of weeks ago, Dippy was taking Widget down the stairs to his Dad.  Widget was throwing a temper tantrum, and did something to make Dippy fall.  He kept ahold of Widget (Unlike the time Rod fell while carrying a plate.  The plate was thrown up in the air!)  But Dippy hurt his right arm in the fall.
 Then, later that SAME night, I was in the livingroom and I heard a huge crash.  I knew someone had fallen on the stairs.  For some reason, I thought it was Goofy, but I didn't hear any crying.  I went to check it out and there was ROD!!  HE fell down the steps...and hurt his right arm! 
 THEN...we found out that Widget had a bruise on HIS right arm from the fall with Dippy!
The stairs get even more evil here.  We all remember Widget's bad fall last week. 

Well, guess what!  Goofy fell running up the steps before school yesterday.  And bit his lip!!!!  These stairs are out to injure this family!!  (Or the family needs to be more careful going up and down those stairs)
Goofy got his lip on both the inside and outside.  We think he didn't bite through.  He has a habit of holding his lip between his teeth, so we think he just bit it from both sides. 

Dingy was the first to leave the dinner table last night.  When she went to go upstairs to her room, we warned her to be extra careful. It's either her turn or my turn for the next casualty! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marvel's 5 Months Old!

Marvel is 5 months old today.  And look!  Widget will smile for the camera again!!! :)

 I don't think that his tooth really did go all the way through his lip.  He looks bruised and red on the corner of his mouth, but there is no scabbing on the outside.  He seems to be healing up pretty well. 

 Widget was pointing at the flash and the lens on my phone. 

 This is how Rod holds the baby.  I was trying to get dinner on the table.  Rod was 'helping'.