Monday, November 29, 2010


Awwww...Dingy, you so purty. :)

All the grandkids on Rod's side.
And, yes, the kids are watching tv over my shoulder! But, it WAS the Snoopy Thanksgiving special.

Is it really THAT hard to sit still for a few miutes?? AND, it's the OLDEST two, not even the preschoolers!!

Switch! (poor Toots got a little smooshed in the switch, I think.)
Really Dippy, it's OK to smile! (Don't have to tell that to Toots and Dingy, do we?? Big Cheesers!!)

OH NO!! The Couch Monster is coming!! Dippy has to be the biggest photobomber out there!

I really think Toots is getting tired of me flashing pictures. I think she would have been happy for me to take the camera, leave, and just let her watch SNOOPY!!!!


Got any teeth yet??


Guess where the TV is.......


Widget: "Hey! How come you have hair on the back of your head? I don't have hair there. "
Markie: "What? Right here?"

Markie and Widget

I have a LOT of Markie and Widget pictures from Thanksgiving. But, unfortunately, not a lot of time right now to post them.

Kara had just told Markie, no. I don't think Markie's very scared of Mommy yet. :)
Hey Mommy, is this what you said no to?? :)
(many, many, many more Markie/Widget pics to come.)

Santa Has a Birthday!

Santa's birthday was on Thanksgiving. He got a new toy to play with. :)

Yeah, just keep messing with it. That white booklet in your right hand is the INSTRUCTIONS!!

OK. Now instructions are in the left hand. NOT the box!!

And when *I* set up the new toy, the instructions were still SEALED in the wrapper!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

How in the world could a person pass up a sale THIS huge????

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

It was another BEAUTIFUL Saturday. So we headed to the park again. This time we picked up lunch and had a picnic. I took my camera, but forgot my stupid memory card!! So all the pics are coming off of my phone!
We even got Dingy to go along. I tricked her. I just said we were going out to get lunch. I skipped the part about going to the park to eat it!

I just washed that sweatshirt this week, too! Oh well, Widget puked on it when I was feeding him so I need to wash it again. But SHhhhhh.....don't tell Dippy, he doesn't know it was puked on. :)
The leaves were really a big hit! (And yes, we DO have leaves at home!)

Dippy is under the pile that Goofy jumped over. I'm not even sure he made it the whole way over him!

Dippy IS in the picture. If you look close enough you can see his foot.

The rare, big smiling pic of Dippy.

The leaves attacking Dingy.
Again, Dippy IS there. There's a foot by Dingy's hand.

I told her I was using this pic if she didn't give me a good one!!

I think she might be a tad too big for the baby swings now.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Indian

Goofy's preschool had their Thanksgiving feast today. The school smelled soooooo good when I dropped him off this morning. As far as I know, they were just having Stone Soup. Every child was asked to bring in one ingredient for the feast and the kids started making it yesterday.

When we went to get him, he came out dressed like an Indian. He DID have a shirt on then, though! Rod took us out for lunch, so Goofy took off his Indian things and then put them back on after we got home for me to get some pictures.

Goofy ran up to the busstop to pick up Dippy.

At least Dippy was smiling!! Dingy probably would have been embarrassed if he had picked her up like that!