Monday, April 25, 2011

Dingy and Kelsey


And now

Ball Pictures

Not T-Ball this time. The dancing kind of Ball! Dingy went with Kelsey to his ROTC's military ball.

Here's our before picture.
Ok. Not completely before. Dingy had already started straightening her hair.

The corsage.

The two of them on Dingy's 'usual' pose.

The Egg Hunt, Pt. 1

The Easter Bunny came!!!! And yes. That is a coloring book in Dingy's basket. She actually said a couple of weeks ago that she wanted a coloring book and crayons.

Goofy waiting for everyone else to get up. He kept seeing eggs hidden in the room that he wasn't allowed to pick up yet. AND he saw his basket, but had to wait on the others before he could dig in.

There's Chloe 'helping'. She found one all by herself. But she cheated. She started before everyone was out of bed!

Digging in to the baskets.

He looks so impressed with his robotic bug.

Dippy and Goofy

It started with me trying to get a picture of Goofy with his basket. Then Dippy came in the room. And it ended in two boys screwing around!! :)

Dippy's eyes are almost always closed in pictures.

So he decided to 'fix' that.

Coloring Easter Eggs

The coloring of the Easter eggs.

Such concentration.

Dad's participation.

Chloe's licking her lips. She sees a tasty little snack crawling up to her food dish!

Helping Grandma bake a cake.

Dingy coloring with her big smile just in case a snap a picture when she's not paying attention.

And the finished product.


As I was clicking away on my little camera the other night, I got these two shots.

Just shows how quickly her little mood changes! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pictures Are Coming!

I have lots and lots of pictures ready to upload. i lost my internet connection while i was organizing my photos. plus, its storming outside, so i dont want to go out and use rods computer. so here i am on my phone. which is not allowing me to capitalize or to use certain punctuation marks. but be patient, and i will post easter pics tomorrow. hopefully.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little League Opening Day

Today was Dale City Little League's Opening Day!!! Here's Goofy waiting with his team to be called out onto the field.
The T-Ball division.
Click this one to make it bigger. It's my favorite. :)
All the teams.
More of all the teams. (except three. Two were playing each other at a different field and the other had a game somewhere else)
Team photo.
I cropped him out of the team photo.

More First Day Pics

I have the rest of the first day of T-ball pictures. Warm up run around the field. Being assigned positions for the first inning.
First time up to bat.