Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Trip Home

I tried to get pictures of the leaf debris on the road, but they didn't come out. Rod and I were watching for trees and branches on the road. The kids didn't seem to notice the storm!

We stopped for gas somewhere in North Carolina. This was actually our third stop for gas. The first exit we tried didn't have power. Then the first gas station off this exit was close, too. Luckily, this place was open.

This is the parking lot that I was running across. I opened the back of the van and one of Dippy's sock got blown out. I chased it, and everytime I got close to grabbing it, the wind took it further!! I did seriously have the thought, I could let this go and go buy a new pack of socks!! However, I ignored Mother Natutre's laughter and managed to grab the sock. Still not really sure it was worth it.

We got to PA in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Stormy Beach

Remember how much of the beach there was the day we were playing in the sun? Well, now look at it! This was Friday morning when the storm was just rolling in. The rain had just started, and the wind was beginning to blow.

They had closed the beach to swimmers, but you were still allowed to walk on it.

Dingy was trying to not get blown over, and the rain was pelting down, but she's STILL trying to pose!!!

The waves were just a little higher and rougher than they had been.

The trees in the wind.

The ferris wheel. The night before, they took all the cars off of it to prepare for the storm.

Monday, August 29, 2011


THE BEACH!!!!!!!

See how much beach there was? From where we were sitting to where the water was? That was ALL gone on Friday!!

Dingy got a boo-boo.

the ONLY group picture I got the whole trip

Pictures From Our Room

The kids went to the pool and lazy river on Thursday. Rod and I were tired, so we let them go alone.

I checked out the window and took pics of them in the lazy river.

I love my big zoom lens. :)

Irene's Damage to Our Home

We came back early yesterday to see what kind of damage had been done here while we were gone. We had stopped and checked on the house on our way through from Myrtle Beach to PA. We had been hearing about some trees downed and power outages in the area, so we came home to clean up here before Rod had to go to work today, and also for Rod to be on call in case any of his customers called with wind damage.

I don't think we needed to hurry. This was the biggest 'branch' in our yard. I'm pretty sure that Widget could clean this up on his own!!

We did have a lot of leaf debris.

And I don't remember leaving that branch hanging on the fence.

Our little walkway was leaf covered, too. But I don't think we can really complain considering we had an earthquake AND a hurricane come through! Although, there were 2 or 3 more aftershocks of the earthquake just yesterday, so maybe we're in for some more ground shaking this week, too.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zip Line

The kids and Rod were climbing the tower to glide across the water on the zip line.
Dingy at the top of the zip line tower.

Dingy gliding across.

You'll have to enlarge this to see Dingy at the far tower.

Dippy going.

More Dippy.

(I changed lenses so we could see them better) This is Dippy 'landing' on the other side.

Dippy landing and Dingy coming back.

Dingy coming back.

Rod going over. We were laughing at his pose.

Dippy coming back.

Dippy chilling out on his way back.

Rod again.

We were really laughing at this. Doesn't he look like a rescued victim being airlifted out???

Rope Course

That's the rope course:

These are the rope pathways they were walking on. Yes. I said they. SOMEONE had to stay on the ground to take pictures.

This is my favorite. He actually looks happy!!!

Rod went with the kids for this one.

I got all three of them in one shot!

I did it again!