Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Day of Spirit Week

Spirit Week, Day 5:  Class Color Day

Can you guess what her class color is??

 Oh.....the school colors are blue and yellow.  Her class color is yellow.  Just in case you couldn't get that.  ;)
This is the final day of Spirit Week.  Almost sad to see it end; it's been a nice idea every day for a blog post!  But don't worry.  Rod helped me come up with an idea for next week, too!!  :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Because of Grandma

What do you think?  Dingy had two braids this morning instead of Jessie's one.  and Dingy......your GRANDMA is the one that saw this connection....not me!!!!  :)

Spirit Week Day 4

Spirit Week, Day 4:  Music Genre Day

Yeah, she picked country.  Not because she listens to it, but because it was easy!  Although, I told her the mismatched, neon socks were NOT a country thing.  I guess I should be glad she didn't try to go in a Lady Gaga style outfit!  :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Day of Spirit Week

Spirit Week, Day 3:  Wacky Wednesday

Yes.  She really left dressed like that.  I think today, I shall pick her up at the busstop and go directly to the store.  :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Biggest Laugh of the Day!! :D

I picked Dippy up from robotics and took him to the store with me.  I really just needed potatoes and a veggie for our dinner tonight.  Of course, I never just get what I need.  (See the post below for an example!)  So Dippy asked if he could have these Toaster Strudels for his breakfast. 

We buy them.  We bring them in the house and put them in the freezer.  45 minutes later, Dippy comes out and says, "You know, those things we bought aren't going to work because we don't have a toaster!" 

Sorry Dippy, guess it sucks to be you!!!!  :)

UPDATE:  Rod came home from his evening's appointment with a new toaster for Dippy.  (Well, for us all, but BECAUSE of Dippy.)

Giant Marshmallows!!!!!

We found giant marshmallows at Giant today!!  OMGosh!!!  We had to buy them, I mean, how could you see these and pass them up???  THEY'RE HUGE!!!!!!

I'm having a hard time trying to show just how HUGE they are!!  I tried comparing them to my car keys......

 And compared to Widget's little hand......
 Maybe this is the best....compared to his pacifier.
 A different view of the keys. 
 And in the bag.  you know how you can eat a regular one in one bite if you wanted.  (Yes, Mom, I know this is not proper etiquette, but you can!) SIX BITES!!!! 
Ok.  I think we might have just learned that it does not take much to impress me.  :)

Spirit Week Continues

Spirit Week, Day 2:  Superhero day

Monday, September 26, 2011

Messiest Eater

Meet Widget, the world's messiest eater!! 

 But at least he's happy!  I just hope SOME of the food made it to his tummy!  And not on the outside of it.
 And......Dingy coming home from school.  I know this could have had it's own post.....but it doesn't!!  Bwah ha ha!!!!  :)  I was really expecting to see her get off the bus in her gym clothes.  (She had PE last period today.)

Spirit Week!!!!

It's Spirit Week at Dingy's school.  Day 1----Formal Day!!!  Luckily she just happened to have something hanging around around for this day!  I'll try to get a better picture when she comes home.  She was rushing me out the door this morning.  She is soooooooo excited for this whole week.  Even her....boyfriend....(Sorry, choke a little on that word)  was making fun of her for being so excited.  She worked on her outfits all weekend.  I had to drive her all over trying to get everything she needs.  She still needs a pair of cowboy boots for Thursday.  She didn't wear her corsage today that goes with the dress becuase she said it's "special".  Awwwwwwwwwww.........

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday's Home Show

First, I upgraded my blogger site, which I don't really know what exactly that means, except that everything is different!  My pictures go on differently, so these are not in the order I had planned.  I'll try to get this figured out and do better next time.  It looks like my pictures might actually upload faster, so I may like this.  If not....back to the original format I shall go!!

Anyway....yesterday, the older kids went out to help Rod run his booth at the home show.  I was to go out and pick them up around 3 or 4 and Rod was staying to finish the night.  Dippy decided he was staying the whole time.  He even went back out again this morning.  Dingy had had enough and came home with me and she stayed home with me today, too. 

They had a sandcastle built there.  We got to see the guy finishing it up. 
 Goofy was playing with the display door.  All fun and games til he took off!  There's another booth set up on the other side of the curtain! 
 Dippy did NOT want his picture usual. 
 And Dingy DID!!  Again.  As usual!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Slow Week

It's been a rather slow week here. Just the usual school days. Goofy had a couple of playdates, but it was raining everytime, so no park pictures for you. Soccer has been cancelled once again for this weekend, too, which means no new soccer pics tomorrow either.

Rod has a booth set up at the annual Home and Garden Show this weekend. He took Dippy and Dingy with him today to help. The little guys and I are going out late this afternoon to visit them.

Wow, I don't notice it so much when we're all in the room, but Dippy really, really looks much taller than Dingy!! Rod asked him last night if he grew more yesterday. Maybe he did!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dingy the Cartoon Character

Today, I was in my car, and Dingy was doing something in the trunk. When I looked at her in the rearview mirror, the pnytail on the top of her head was standing up and with the green sweatshirt, she made me think of a cartoon character.

It took me some time doing web searches before I fiigured it out. She looks like Frankie on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!!!!!!!

Soccer--Day 2

We had our second game on Sunday. WE WON!!!!!! :)
I didn't take as many pictures either. Sorry.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Soccer has FINALLY started!!!! We registered sooo long ago, and then the rain pushed us back a week, but it finally started today!!!!!!! Annnnnnnddddd.......WE LOST!!! :(

It started to rain just a little bit right when our game was getting ready to start. Luckily, it was very light and didn't last for very long, so the game went on.

Dingy helped Goofy get his shin guards on.

Warming up

All the fields

More fields. There are either 5 or 6 games going on at one time! It's pretty productive, but when someone blows a whistle on the next field, it can get confusing.

Goofy as goalie.

Dippy was bored during the game so Goofy suffered for it.

Waiting on the sidelines for his next turn to play

Getting direction from the coach

Team picture after the game.

Dingy told Goofy that if he won, we could go get ice cream. He asked, "If I lose, then no ice cream?" And they did lose. So we decided that we would get ice cream to celebrate the first game.

Dingy was trying to tell Goofy that soccer was a game where you could knock over other kids and not really get in trouble for it. (Thanks, Dingy) While we were eating dinner, Goofy asked me if he was allowed to be mean in soccer. I tried to explain that you could steal the ball and be a little pushy, but not outright mean. I can't wait to see if he unleashes his full meanness anytime soon.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Trip to the Grocery Store

I picked Dingy up at the busstop yesterday and I needed just a couple of things at the store to fix our dinner. I left her and the little guys in the car so I could run in, run out and still make it on time to pick Dippy up at school. I came back out to the car and Widget is giggling. THIS is why. I had to stop and video it. And, no, Goofy is not normally allowed to spit like that. And, yes, I DID make him clean up his mess.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dippy Bakes!!!!

A few days ago, Dippy wanted cheesecake. Then he decided he would bake one, not buy one. I bought him the ingredients, handed him a cookbook, and walked away. It was one of THE BEST cheesecakes we have ever eaten!!!!

After that was almost all gone, he started looking through cookbooks, and decided he wanted to make a strawberry shortcake pie. This is what came from that idea......

And, yes, it too is DEEEEEEEE--Licious!!!!

I would show you a picture of the cheesecake, but we sort of devoured it before we thought about a picture. :(

After the First Day of School

We took the boys to the park for a picnic after school to celebrate today.