Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cabo Trip

While we were in Cabo in October, we took an ATV tour.  Best. Excursion. Ever!  The area was beautiful and it was just the three couples that we were travelling with....very, very fun. 
They took pictures there for us....and I, of course, got some of my own.  Theirs are first.

 They took us through a little 'zoo' area first.  They gave us seeds and these birds came down and ate out of our hands.
 Swings for bar stools.  I wonder whose bright idea this was!  Lets put drunk people on moving objects!  And yes, we did see a tipsy lady fall.  And yes, we did laugh our butts off.  The lady sitting beside Rod and I had to leave that night because we knew she was going to know we were laughing at her. 
 The dinner cruise that took us out to the arch.

 That little rock is covered with sea lions.
 This dinner cruise usually has 3 to 4 times the people on it.  But because of the hurricane, it had just a small handful.  Made it a much more pleasant trip.  See Rod sporting his new Thirty-One bag?  ;)
 That roof on the bar had been blown off during the storm.  They rebuilt it while we were there.  Even on vacation, Rod has to supervise!  He was seriously just standing in the pool watching the guys work.
 These are my pics from the ATV excursion.  I had sooooo many more.  Mostly scenery pics.  It was just very beautiful and more green than normal because of the recent rain.

 My first, and only, selfie...ever.
 Out through the desert....
 And straight onto the beach!
 That guy on the yellow ATV is the photographer.  He would fly past us and over the hills to 'hide' and take pictures of all of us going past.
 Rod had no clue where he sat!  I don't know if he even realized he was holding 'her' knee. 

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